Hello, Fairies!

Wow, my first post in my new blog…This is flaptastic! 😀

Although my arrival into Pixie Hollow was just a few days ago, I feel like I’m already a Pixie Hollow community fairy expert! Even though I’m not a Member, I have traveled and searched every non-Member-allowed nook and crannie of the Hollow, played every game, accepted and have nearly completed every quest, and visited all the shops and venues. Truthfully, I’m feeling a tad bored now that the new shininess of Pixie Hollow is dulling down… :-/

As a non-Member, I now know my limits and boundaries after a painfully humiliating experience at Summit Style. There I was, a pouch full of rose petals I worked so long and hard to collect, about to buy that gorgeous Hyacinth Pink Rose Skirt I had tried on so many times, only to find out I couldn’t have it. Denied because I’m not a Member. I was devastated! Why is there even a clothes shop (Bobbin’s Basics) that regular community fairies can buy clothes from if no other store will allow non-Member purchases? Clothes should be achieved through games or quests for non-Members instead, because it’s confusing to New Arrivals. Yes, I still have a small chip on my shoulder about this  😡

Although I REALLY want that beautiful skirt and possibly a new hair accessory from time to time, I just don’t have the personal funds to become a Member. I’m fine knowing I will never enter the Ballroom, other Member-only locations, and can never bake cookies or make clothing to keep for myself, but why can’t I purchase items at shops when I have to work so hard to get the items to pay for them?!? Leave it to The Never Council to make you pay TWO fees for one item that possibly only has a quality grade of 80.

Speaking of The Never Council, I was so miffed about my hard efforts going to waste that I wrote a letter and submitted it to their suggestions box. I explained how I love Pixie Hollow and how much I enjoy living there, but then went on to offer suggestions for making the experience more enjoyable for New Arrivals and other non-Members. Well, my letter received a response from “Josh” saying he doesn’t see any changes being made to further enhance the experience for non-Members, because it doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. Thanks, Josh, for your concern. Jerk.

Anyway, at least I can get a new quest from Kit on a daily basis. Plus, there are always new fairies to meet. I suppose I’m not the type that likes to sit around at the Tearoom and chat for extended periods of time, so socializing throughout Pixie Hollow isn’t really why I’m here. I want to earn badges, play games, and accept quests. I want to feel like an accepted member of the community…and I want some new clothes from time to time 😉

I want Pixie Hollow to be a home for ANY fairy, where everyone works together for the common good ❤


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  1. This is sad. After reading this,I was inspired to write to The Never Council as well! Although the person that replied to my letter seemed quite nicer than Josh,she still didn’t REALLY answer my question as to why the game is so restricting. She tried to change the subject to paying money and asking a parent to use their credit card to buy me a 1-month pass. That’s even worse! 😡


    • Wow, that is bad. I can’t believe they can’t offer any other suggestions other than to get a 1-month Membership instead of the annual one to save money. Talk about frustrating 😦


  2. Oh my god, YES! I love your blog Marigold! FINALLY someone who understands me! Let me tell you a cute little story. Once upon a time, there was a light talent fairy named Magenta Brightpetal. When she was a fairy, on arrival day, she could pick her own outfit, in many different styles and many different colors. She could pick her own hair, which was LONG AND PRETTY. The meadows were awash with color, life and excitement. During events, famous fairies visited and gave EVERYONE presents. There was no ballroom, so presents were left where EVERYONE could get them. Event quests were for everyone. Games didn’t have stupid levels and there were no talent levels. Once she got more than 60,000 points playing Tinker Toss! Tailoring patterns were unlocked by skill, not by how much money you pay every month. There were so much more secret code items. Let me torture you with the contents of Magenta’s wardrobe. She had almost 10 shirts, about 5 bottoms, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 anklets (one was a gift from the minister!), 8 sashes, (once during the Great Games all 6 fairies visited and gave Sparkle Sashes!), Silly Spectacles, Chipmunk Ears, and more. Not to mention her furnishing items!
    Now comes the twist: And Magenta lived happily for a year, and she still decided that there wasn’t much for non-members. So she quit, and when she came back a year later, her beloved Pixie Hollow was ruined. And you know the rest.
    True story. All fairy stories have happy endings. So we have to make sure that there is one. ❤


    • Thank you for sharing, Octavia 🙂 It’s so nice to hear from other non-Member fairies who remember when things were different in the hollow. My jaw dropped when I read the contents of Magenta’s wardrobe! That is a mere dream for non-Members now. Did you see that older picture of me on the home page sitting next to the Mickey snowman? I had a beautiful rose sash given to me by my mentor Rosetta for completing a complex quest. I wore that sash with pride, because it showed others I worked hard and had earned my place in the hollow. Now, if you’re a Member with enough money, all you have to do is visit a store to get it. *sigh* 😦

      Anyway, I’m happy you’re enjoying my blog! Are you back in the hollow now? I’d love to visit your pixie page 🙂


    • Posted by Claudia on September 27, 2012 at 8:45 am

      That’s my story too! I played pixie hollow two years ago, when I came back to it this year, all they cared for is money! Even ingredients are no use because you have to be a member to spend them!


  3. Yes, I’m back in the hollow, after a devastating confrontation with the never council as to why my fairy was deleted. And as always, the never council covered up the truth with words like flitterific. I’m sure they take lessons in evasive writing. Yeah, I checked up that rose sash on Pixie Hollow Wikia and I thought it was member-only…anyways congrats for earning it! I had so many quest gifts too! And Josh is totally a jerk. I want to major in business, and even I know that a main goal is to keep the customers happy. I guess I might understand if Pixie Hollow started with nothing for non-members. But because Pixie Hollow was once fun I don’t get why they had to change it. I’m writing a blog petition about it and I was hoping you could co-author and sign it….if you’re interested it’s at pixiepetition.blogspot.com. Thanks 😀 They sure know how to make a gal feel misunderstood – when we can’t earn the seasonal badges I feel a pang of pain because it makes me feel like I can’t do anything, even though I’ve already got 5 freaking dandelion puff bunches…


  4. Posted by Olivia on September 23, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Well, at least you can use pixie diamonds now. But a weird thing is that I created this new fairy, and her arrival money was 5 diamonds. Not seven anymore. And then, I got her to talent level 1, and earned 1 diamond!!! And then I became confused and looked at my leaf journal, and it said at level one you should earn 2 diamonds. Then I became level two, and it gave me only one more diamond, when it said I should get three. I was creating her to be able to to buy this expensive thing in the pixie post office and give the other one to my own fairy, but what’s the use of doing that if by level two you only have seven diamonds, not twelve? Has this happened to anyone else, or did it just happen this once?


    • Posted by Claudia on September 27, 2012 at 8:49 am

      Nope! I got confused too! I checked my journal, they said I should get 3 diamonds in level 5, I only got one! Now I’m only surviving with Animal Derby, but I can’t win if people are crazyly playing and winning at the same time!


  5. Wow this is so old! LOL


  6. Yeah, it was just when Marigold’s blog was new. 🙂


  7. Hi Marigold! I really miss Pixie Hollow as much as you and everyone do. My fairy name was Lulu Magicwish. I didn’t keep a blog, but i’m starting one now about my life. Pretty simple, has nothing to do with Pixie Hollow, but it’s something. Please check it out when you have the chance. Fly with you later!


  8. By the way my website name is thegreekdiaries.worpress.com

    Totally forgot in my other comment… 😀


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