Fairy Parties

I rechecked with all the talent mentors (plus Kit) and no one had any new quests for non-Members, so I was really at a loss for things to do. I’m bored with the games at the moment, so I decided to visit some Fairy Parties via the Never News Board to meet new fairies and see how the Members live (key music to “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”).

I’ve only been to one Fairy Party before. Just the other day, a nice fairy I had just met and made friends with at the theatre actually invited me to her home for a Fairy Party. I accepted, made lots of friends, and loved playing the party games (Simone Says, Pass the Popcorn, and Rock-Paper-Scissors). I had such a wonderful time and was super excited to throw a party of my own, but it made me really sad to learn that I can never throw a party unless I become a Member…:(

Anyway, so I visited all kinds of Fairy Parties yesterday. Some were thrown by New Arrivals who didn’t have a clue how to host a party, and they would end up leaving all their guests after just a few moments if the fairies weren’t talking enough. Other parties were thrown by fairies who have been in Pixie Hollow for a long time, so they had all kinds of cool things to look at and knew they needed to play games to keep the party rolling.

One particular party was flaptastic, because the host was super nice and would individually greet all her party guests, ask what games they wanted to play, offer cake and tea, asked to become friends with any fairy who she wasn’t already friends with, and kept up conversation with the guests. I really had a flitterific time and told her I would love to be invited to any future parties of hers. Unfortunately, most of the parties I attend aren’t anything like this.

Most Fairy Parties shown on the board are thrown by New Arrivals who have no idea what they were doing. The guests would ask to play games, and the host would say they didn’t know how or not respond, and then the host would leave! I think any Member wanting to throw a party should be required to attend at least 10 parties before being able to throw their own! It’s just ridiculous to show up to a crowded party and the host isn’t even there.

On the flip side, there were a few parties where some fairies were very snotty and would only talk to their Member friends. Very rude indeed! Other parties were thrown by fairies just wanting attention, because they would act really sad or angry when guests showed up and hide in a corner. That’s almost as bad a leaving, because these hosts don’t want to play games or get to know people. They just want a pity party where guests shower them with attention and compliments. Talk about selfish and insecure!

I now realize after attending so many parties why some fairies wouldn’t friend me when I would just ask to be their friend without even talking to them. You’re only allowed to have so many friends (I don’t know the exact number, but I will try to find out), and if you just accept to be friends with any fairy that asks, you’re going to not only fill-up your friend list very quickly, but you’ll also sometimes be stalked by bored New Arrivals who want you to follow them around and chat constantly. I had to actually ignore a New Arrival fairy yesterday because she took things too far.

I had just literally entered Pixie Hollow yesterday when a friend on my list said she was flying to me. The first words out of her mouth were how I needed to change my house because it “wasn’t very good”. I was thinking, “What?!? I worked hard to get all those items as a non-Member!” So we went to my house and she kept saying how I needed to change it and such before saying I needed to see her house. Well, her home is a water-lily since she’s a water talent. Mine is a flower because I’m a garden talent. She had NOTHING in her home! It was completely empty! I mentioned that and how I didn’t understand why mine was so bad, and she replied, “Look around!” as if her home was far superior to mine simply because it was a lily. Well, I obviously got angry, ignored her and left. I don’t want to waste my time with fairies who don’t understand Pixie Hollow and try to rub things in other fairies’ faces. Shockingly, this fairy stupidly decided to follow me, so I decided that was then a great time to check in with all the mentors to see if any new quests were out. Talk about not taking a hint! And I wasn’t mean to her or anything!

I wish I could throw a party…I think I could do a good job, but you have to be a Member to be able to buy party supplies – and you apparently can’t host a party unless you have them. I think that ridiculous, but at least I can attend and be invited to parties, so I guess I’ll try to be more grateful.


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  1. Well,that’s just odd! Why critisise somebody else’s home when you have nothing in your own! Just reading this has already gotten me mad at that fairy. Anyway, when I first attended a party,I was just so excited! Sadly,I learned that some parties are quite boring. Another thing that I hate about going to parties is that you sometimes have that awkward feeling in your stomach. Being in a room with a bunch of members is VERY intimidating! They all look GORGEOUS in their outfits when here,I’m just plain in white! 😦


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