The Tearoom

I love The Tearoom…Well, most of the time.

I often stop by The Tearoom whenever I’m in Havendish Square just to see who’s there or even invite a friend to join me for tea when I want to take a break from the games. It’s so beautifully decorated, and I love how all you have to do is sit down and tea and cake appears! It’s flaptastic 🙂

If I don’t know any fairies in The Tearoom, I often just start asking what their favorite tea is or if I can pour them a cup and most will then join me. I try to be really friendly and chatty with the New Arrivals, because I remember being new, not knowing anyone or how to do anything yet, having to wear that infamous white outfit that screams “NEWBIE HERE!” and being drawn to the colorful and stylish fairies who would say hi to me.

Going to The Tearoom is a flaptastic way to break the ice with about any fairy (most sparrow men don’t care for it – unless going there is for a date or something). There are so many dialog choices to choose from with the fairies that can’t talk without SpeedChat, and it’s a friendly and safe environment where New Arrivals don’t usually feel silly asking questions – especially when a fairy like me is chatty and willing to listen and answer questions.

Back before sparrow men were allowed in Pixie Hollow, I remember sitting in The Tearoom enjoying a cup of raspberry tea when, suddenly, a fairy approached me and asked if I was really a guy. I literally almost spit my tea all over her! I said I wasn’t and asked why (self-consciously thinking maybe my outfit looked masculine or something – although I was wearing pink), and she said she was waiting for a guy to meet her in The Tearoom. She apologized then flittered off. I thought that was very strange, but then I thought about the fact that there are no male fairies in Pixie Hollow – aside from the guy at the seed game. (Side Note – sparrow men weren’t introduced to the game until June 2010.)

The very next day, while I was attending a Pixie Party, a typical fairy came in wearing a New Arrival outfit, proudly announced he was a guy, and asked who wanted to go back to his place. I openly laughed out loud (as did a few other party guests) and thought no fairy would be stupid enough to take his offer. To my surprise, a very pretty animal talent fairy who looked very similar to me in appearance flew over and accepted! Right before they left, another fairy flew over and begged him to be her friend! I couldn’t believe it! Are the girls here THAT desperate that they’ll go home with ANY fairy who claims to be a boy? *sigh*

Anyway, for any fairy wanting to chat and make new friends, I highly suggest visiting the fun and lively atmosphere you’ll find at The Tearoom. (*~*I will suggest making sure you’re on a busier server – ideal or crowded, however, or else you may be by yourself for quite some time.*~*)


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