Spring Clover Celebration

My very first Pixie Hollow celebration is beginning on March 20th! It’s called “Spring Clover Celebration” – which starts on the first day of Spring and lasts through the 24th.

The official post from Sweet Pea states, “Spring is on its way, and we’re celebrating the way Fairies always do – with the Spring Clover Celebration! There is a lot to do before this springtime party. Starting March 4th, you can help Rosetta get ready for the event by visiting her in Cherryblossom Heights … where you can go on her special preparation quest. This quest will only be available through March 15, so flap to it! Be sure to keep reading the Never News and this events blog – a big surprise is heading your way before the event officially starts on March 20th!”

I missed the previous celebration (Fairy Friendship Festival) by a mere three days before my arrival, so I’m really looking forward to this one =) I just hope they allow non-Members to help Rosetta get ready for the celebration, because I’ll be so disappointed if I can’t help.

Also, what’s this “big surprise” that’s supposed to take place before the start of the celebration??? I’ll have to take a flap around today and see if I notice anything out of the norm…


Look what I found at Palm Tree Cove!

Clovers!!! I was so excited to see this today! The first sign of Spring coming to Pixie Hollow.


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  1. Wow that sounds like so much fun! Right now we are getting close to the Pixie Post Office , Pixie Diamonds, and pretty soon the Fairy Friendship Festival!


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