Ingredient Bunches

Sweet Pea posted this message last night:

“Ready for a brand-new way to gather ingredients in the Hollow? I am proud to present, Ingredient Bunches! These special ingredients only show up once in a while, but when they do, the more Fairies that click on them, the better!

“When the first Fairy clicks on an Ingredient Bunch, a countdown starts. Every time another Fairy clicks on that bunch, everyone will receive more of that ingredient type. Try to get as many Fairies to click on the bunch before the time runs out.

“There are limits to how many of these ingredients can be collected at one time. So, gather up all your pixie pals and go on an ingredient bunch hunt to see how many you all can collect … maybe even invite a new arrival along! All Fairies celebrating their Arrival Day now have a special purple nametag for the day to celebrate. Have fun!”

I came across two ingredient bunches while I was out and about yesterday, but they both happened so quickly that 1) I couldn’t take a picture fast enough and 2) because there was no posting, I had no idea what was going on! It was kind of cool to participate, but I think it only gave us 10 seconds to collect the ingredient (maple leaves), so we had no time to tell other fairies to come help. Now that the posting’s up, though, I would imagine more participation.

Also, that’s a fun idea to give nametags to fairies celebrating their Arrival Day! I wish I would have gotten one…but there are tons of other fairies that feel the same way, I’m sure.


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