Ingredient Bunch Sightings

As I was fluttering around Pixie Hollow yesterday, I came across a honeycomb ingredient bunch in Neverfruit Grove that I had seen once before:

It was located right where the swirl in the tree’s bark is located (right next to my feet in this picture). I came across it again today, but it was at the tail-end of it, because the fairy I was taking with me didn’t understand what was going on.

I also came across a maple leaf ingredient bunch in Maple Tree Hill where I have gathered leaves from it before:

This ingredient bunch was oddly located in the swirl of this tree as well…Coincidence? I think not!

Here is a meadow grass bunch I found at Palm Tree Cove today (located next to a swirled shell):

I also found a twig bunch being guarded by a fairy (Maddie) in Evergreen Overlook:

Shockingly, this bunch was not located by a swirl…

So I’ve found bunches of honeycombs, maple leaves, and twigs…I wonder if there are anymore. It’s hard to say since not many fairies have caught on as to how bunches work. Now that the Members can have pets, more fairies are hunting for ingredients and flying fast to gather them!


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