More Ingredient Bunches?

When I found maple leaves, honeycombs, meadow grass, and twig ingredient bunches, I figured there might be one more bunch or two that I hadn’t found yet…

Well, according to the gals on Pixie Hollow Forums, there’s a daisy bunch in Springtime Orchard next to Bobbin’s Tailoring Game, sunflower seeds in Sunflower Gully (center of largest flower), blueberries in the Pumpkin Patch, and buttercup petals in Dewdrop Vale (right above sign to Springtime Orchard)!  I wonder if they were just added recently, because I’ve searched every nook and crannie of Pixie Hollow for the ingredient bunches and have only found the four I listed. Hmmm…Maybe some investigation is in store for later today =)

After two days of rigorous searching, I found all the bunches!


I was so happy I nearly cried! They really do exist! And EVERY FAIRY can find them! 🙂

Happy hunting, fairies!!!


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