My Return to Pixie Hollow

Hello, Friends!

I am terribly sorry for disappearing without saying goodbye for nearly a year. It’s quite a long story, but I’ll try to sum it up as best I can.

In March 2010, I approached my mentor (Rosetta) and explained how I was becoming frustrated with my life in Pixie Hollow, because I refused to become a Member and there was little left for me to do (I had completed all tasks to date and had collected nearly every badge). Rosetta insisted that if I worked harder, made more friends and got more involved in the community, I would be happier. But, after trying her advice, I quickly became depressed and eventually stopped leaving my home and spoke to no one for days.

Then, a royal messenger came to my home one evening to say that I had been summoned by Queen Clarion. I was to meet with her at first light and, if I did not attend, guards would “escort” me to her. I was scared I was going to be banished from Pixie Hollow and did not sleep a wink that night, but I went and had a long discussion with Her Majesty.

Long story short, Queen Clarion said she understood my concerns but that she was concerned for my wellbeing. She thought I needed some time away to discover myself and then return with a renewed appreciation for Pixie Hollow. I was thinking a nice vacation would be in order, but Queen Clarion thought a realty check in a different region of Never Land would be better. Not knowing anything about what she had in mind, but desperately wanting an escape, I ignorantly agreed to leave everything behind in Pixie Hollow and start over.

I will save my many adventures in Never Land for another time.

Fast forward to January 1st of this year. I had finally received word from Queen Clarion that I could request an audience with her whenever I felt I was ready to return to Pixie Hollow. In other words, I could return when I had fully learned my lesson and was ready to publicly apologize.

After days of deliberation, I was finally allowed back in Pixie Hollow on February 20th, 2011 – my new arrival date. Everything from my life before in Pixie Hollow has been erased. My home was cleared out and given to a new fairy, all of my possessions were either sold or given away, and any history of my existence has been wiped clean from the Hollow’s records. I am literally starting over. Nothing has been saved as far as my journal or badges or tasks completed. Nothing. But that was the deal I took to come back.

Well…I did come back with one thing…More about that later.


3 responses to this post.

  1. When are you going to tell them about me???


  2. Don’t spoil it, Heron!!! Geeez!!!


  3. So during that time in 2010, you could actually type to the “famous fairy”? You mentioned that you told Rosetta about being bored in the Hollow. Oh, and the Queen actually spoke with you?? Also, it seems like you actually DO live in the Hollow!


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