My Make-Under

So, when I was accepted back into Pixie Hollow, apparently some new rules had come into play for non-Members. We are now incredibly limited on hairstyles, hair colors, and outfits. I can deal with the outfit part (especially with my secret codes!), but I see myself as a fashionable fairy, and this new makeover (a.k.a. make-under) has had me crying myself to sleep since I came back.

Here’s how I looked when I arrived back at Pixie Hollow:

Here’s how I look now:

::cries:: Hideous, I know! ::cries:: My hair color looks brassy and they cut my beautiful long hair! I’m so miserable now…If only I could get a REAL makeover and look like this:

Love it! 🙂 I would actually love to just get my old hair color and hair length back, but that’s not happening anytime soon…::cries:: This is why I refuse to change my profile picture on here. Yes, it’s a year old, but I would rather have a nice picture of me posted for the world to see than an ugly one.

Why do all the New Arrivals and non-Members have to suffer with such short and ugly options for hair now??? Are they purposely trying to make us feel unwanted and unattractive???


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