Being back in Pixie Hollow for the last few weeks has quickly reminded me of why I decided to leave last year around this time…Not that I’m planning on leaving again, but the same problems still exist.

I can’t stand it when a fairy or sparrow man asks to be my friend without saying anything to me. I mainly have this problem with New Arrivals, but I’ve had others who should know better ask me to be their friend and then fly away whether I say yes or no. I don’t know if they’re trying to rack-up their friends’ count to earn a badge or if they are just too shy to say hi or what, but it’s very annoying.

I have a fairly large friend list, but I will not hesitate to delete a “friend” if they are stalking me because they are bored. For example, I purposely picked a quiet section of the Hollow to take some pictures for my blog when a “friend” flew to me and wouldn’t leave me alone – even after I asked politely. I deleted her from my list, and before I could leave, she instantly asked to be my friend again. I quickly flew home (since I knew she could no longer follow me) and took a moment to collect myself.

As a non-Member, I have completed all the tasks I can from each mentor at this point. Also, when I try to play games, I can only use the easy level. This is really ridiculous. I can’t even earn a badge for gathering ingredients anymore. Why has the Hollow become so restricted??? All I really have to look forward to now are the new decorations, celebrations, and possible tasks in the future. Otherwise, my existence in the Hollow as a non-Member is to attend parties, make new friends, possibly beat my easy level score in games, and explore.

I’m suddenly feeling depressed 😦 I think I’ll take a nap then head out to meet with some friends.


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