Help Save Spring?

Upon trying to leave my house this morning, this announcement was attached across my entrance:

Since there were no other fairies in sight, I flew to Havendish Square to get more information. On my way there, I was horrified to see this from above:

When I arrived at Pixie Postings, it was hard not to notice the signs displayed everywhere asking for ALL pixies (fairies and sparrow men) to help save spring by ending the drought. Here’s the news article from Sweet Pea in case you have been too busy to read it yet:

Calling all pixies! The Minister of Spring needs your help! All the spring meadows in Pixie Hollow are running dry, and there is no rain in sight. Without rain, the new season won’t arrive on time. Hurry and fly to Rosetta’s Garden to start her quest to end the drought. You’ll save the season AND earn the Saving Spring badge.

Members, you can help by visiting the Ballroom to pick up your Raindrop Hat. Pixies wearing Raindrop Hats can make it rain in the Ballroom and any of the spring meadows! Just follow these three steps:

 1. Gather with two or more Fairies or Sparrow Men in any spring meadow or the Ballroom.
2. Make sure you are all wearing the Raindrop Hat.
3. Then all of you need to use the Rain Emote at the same time to create RAIN!

Flap to it, pixies. Spring needs you!

Being a garden-talent, I was startled to hear that my beloved section of Pixie Hollow was running dry and, of course, wanted to help out. I flew straight to Rosetta, and this is what happened:

You saw that right: Quest for Members only. Pixie Hollow never used to be like this. I remember earning badges for these sorts of things last year without restrictions, so what’s the deal now? Are non-Members not good enough to help when Pixie Hollow is in a crisis? I have submitted this complaint to the Never Council and will post their reply as soon as I receive it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by AnimeIcePrincess on March 11, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    It’s really too bad that the never council has gone that far, i was especially shocked when pincone pop came out and it was for members only!
    But my biggest concern is that rosetta & the minister will only be visiting in the ballroom. I wish everyone could meet them.


  2. I was also very unhappy to hear that Rosetta and The Minister of Spring will only be appearing in The Ballroom 😦 It’s good to know that I’m not the only fairy out there who gets upset about these Member-only things. I did get a response from the Never Council this morning, so check out my newest post for details and rants.


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