Pixie Postings – or Lack Thereof

Here’s what I saw this morning:

I know everyone is busy preparing for Spring, but why hasn’t Pixie Postings been updated since Thursday??? If Tabby supposedly receives thousands of questions each week, can’t she at least answer one every other day to keep the postings fresh? Sheesh! Did anyone notice the Council (or whoever) didn’t even update the calendar on the news page from February to March until the 10th?!? Talk about behind!

If the Never Council would ever consider giving me a job, I would suggest giving me a spot on Pixie Postings where I give regular updates (accompanied by pictures, of course) of what fairies are doing, what they are talking about, and what compliments/complaints they have. It could be called “Marigold’s Musings” or “Marigold’s Minute” or whatever they want. It would be even better if they let my friend Heron do it so a sparrow man could get some face-time in the news. We could even co-write and anchor it! 🙂 That would be awesome! I’ll ask Heron what he thinks since his blog is geared toward that already…

Dream big, my friends…Dream big…


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