Rollercoaster of a Morning

Sorry, no pictures for this post since I was too busy chatting in the Hollow to take one, but I think you will find what happened to me this morning interesting enough 😉

I started my day by flying to Cherryblossom Heights and just hanging out on one of the branches. Just by being friendly and chatty, I ended up making several new friends: A near identical clone of myself named Clementine, a sparrow man named Croweye, a brother and sister named James and Kate, and two other girls who looked like identical twins named Lulu and…Sarah, maybe (?). We were just hanging out talking when Croweye suggested we find a party then fly to each other there. I ended up picking a party, but only Croweye and James flew to me. The others ended up staying at Cherryblossom and then left to go home or something. Weird. Many fairies are so flighty!

Anyway, after a game of Pass the Popcorn, the party became boring, so Croweye and I decided to go back to Cherryblossom Heights to try to find our new friends. He ended up leaving to try to locate them, so I stuck around in case they came back. I started chatting to a few New Arrivals when some fairy named Silver (something) started swooping at us and saying we were not very pretty fairies. I got in her face and told her to stop being so mean, and that we can’t all be Members with new clothes and hair. She eventually was scared off when other fairies took my side and started yelling at her. I can’t stand it when fairies do that for no good reason other than to stir up a fight. It’s so mean!

Croweye, in the meantime, had found a new party and asked me to fly to him. As I was telling him what happened with Silver, a fairy named Daphne kept prompting me to be her friend. After denying her three times, I had to stop her by saying I didn’t know her and I didn’t want to friend her yet, so she moved really close to me and kept asking! I eventually told her she needed to stop and to move away since she was blocking Croweye. She then put up an angry face and flew around all crazy. I asked her what her problem was, and she started whispering to me about how she didn’t like what I said. I told her I wasn’t trying to be mean and that I just don’t become friends with strangers. She then asked to be my friend again, and I left.

I don’t mind sometimes becoming friends with fairies I don’t know. Some fairies just like to listen to what you say and want to be your friend so they can hang around you. That’s fine, I don’t really mind. But when they are persistent and annoying, I don’t get it why they keep asking once you have turned them down or get really angry without asking you any questions. Sheesh!

I also had to end friendships with a few fairies today, because they wouldn’t stop whispering to me! It drives me insane to have “Fly to me” or “Let’s fly to your/my house” whispered to me every few seconds. If I’m busy meeting and/or chatting with new friends, I am not going to up and leave just to entertain bored fairies. Sorry, but that’s not my thing. Find new friends or play a game if you are so bored. I know I can block whispers, but I sometimes like to whisper inside jokes and such to friends or have them whisper me occasionally. Constant whispering is super annoying, though, especially when I tell them to stop and they don’t.

I’m off to hang out with Heron for a while. I want to know if he found out anything interesting 😉


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