Mermaid Grotto – NEW

I was surprised to be directed to Palm Tree Cove today. Here is why:

Looks cool, right? Well, you have to be a Member to go there 😦

This portal is in Havendish Square to take Members straight to Palm Tree Cove after getting a special badge key from Tinker Bell. Fairies without Memberships can play around with the new “Silly Day” stuff in Havendish Square, but it does get old fast.

Here is the news from Sweet Pea about Mermaid Grotto and Silly Days:

I also found a portal in Cottonpuff Field. Okay, “found” is a strong word for something gigantic and hard to miss. Talk about advertising something to death!

Here was the news on the main Pixie Hollow board:

I did go visit Tinker Bell to see if by some miracle I could get a badge to go to Mermaid Grotto…

No such luck 😦 Tink said that she was really sorry I couldn’t participate. I asked her why so many things in Pixie Hollow are now restricted only to Members and why the non-Members are being pushed into the shadows.

“I can’t talk about it, but I’m very sorry,” Tinker Bell whispered to me before flying away…

If any Members read this blog, can you share what Mermaid Grotto looks like and what you can do there?


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  1. Posted by AnimeIcePrincess on March 30, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    when you first get there, you can pick up several items:
    -silly octo-hat
    -silly top hat
    -seaweed moustache
    -seashell glasses

    on the left sand bank there is a can that shoots out springs, and a pink seashell that squirts out water.
    on the right side there is a box and when you click on it a fake mermaid pops out, and the lobster dances.

    on occasional servers there are blue & yellow gem bunches.
    besides collecting bunches, and just hanging out, there isnt that much to do.


    • Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      The grotto sounds pretty and the gem bunches sound cool (never seen or heard of them before), but the Mermaid Grotto otherwise just sounds like another “club house” for Members to hang out…Sad.

      I’m going to check out some Pixie Hollow blogs/forums to see if I can find some pictures of the grotto to post. If you have any you want to share, please send me the link.


  2. Posted by AnimeIcePrincess on April 1, 2011 at 12:14 am

    well i did have a picture to post but you must have html disabled


    • I just checked my settings, and there is no option for html in comments. I just assumed it would let you post a picture unless I turned up my privacy settings to disable it. Weird. Maybe I’m missing something…


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