Fashionable Fairies – Spring

As promised, I am starting a new section called “Fashionable Fairies” to highlight the hottest trends in Pixie Hollow.

Side-swept bangs are back, but with a spring-kick of teal tips. Long, flowing hair is also very popular, but hair colors tend to be more naturally colored than wild. Here are some hot hair trends for early spring:

Try to advert your eyes from this fairy’s crazy outfit and look just at her hair. The curly hair in the back is cute and the shag bangs with teal tips are cute, but they are not cute together. Thankfully, she has the pretty golden bow to try to tie them together, so she gets bonus points. I like the teal with her brown hair color, but I don’t like how the teal looks with her outfit. Hair Rating: B-

This fairy seems to understand color since she paired all cool-colored hues together. I’ve never seen the teal tips with blue hair, but it looks very rockstar and edgy. The colors in her hair also bring out her blue eye color nicely. My only issue is the straight, edgy front hair and the flowing hair in the back. They don’t seem to pair well. Maybe a hair accessory would help this look. Hair Rating: A-

Apparently the edgy Tinker Bell look is in for this fairy. Side-swept bangs with teal tips looks good in her dark colored hair, her hair in the back is much straighter than the fairy with the blue hair, and she added a cute hair accessory, so bonus points for bringing everything together. The only problem I have is that the cool-hued teal doesn’t seem to pair with the yellow-hued green bow and outfit she’s wearing. Hair Rating: A-

Fairies are also ditching their cozy and concealing winter clothes for more skin-bearing tops and skirts (but boots are still very popular):

Feminine and Floral is the hottest look this season. The red-haired garden-talent fairy (named Ruby) is wearing an outfit that looks as fresh and beautiful as Spring’s first rose. Ruby does lose some points for the strange hairdo (looks like she clipped a fake bun on top of her head) and for the outfit’s blue-based red color clashing with her yellow-based red hair color. A simple hair updo or a change of hair color would easily fix this issue.

The golden-haired water-talent fairy (named Quicksilver) looks like she stepped right off a pixie runway! Her outfit is very chic and modern, but it is also soft and feminine. Everything about this look works and should be seen by all 🙂 The coat is stunning and whimsical – I wish I had one in every color! 😉

Our last fashionable fairy is a white-blond, garden-talent pixie (named Cinnamon) wearing an outfit that is as spicy as her name! Vibrant Robin feathers are always a hot choice to make a bold statement, and this fairy pulls the look off perfectly. The accessories are another story, however. I know it’s Spring, I know we saved the meadow from the drought and brought beautiful rainbows to Pixie Hollow, but that time has passed now. The rainbow necklace and bracelet need to go. (I do think the necklace with the little yellow flower is cute, but not with this outfit.)


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  1. Posted by pixiehollowfan on June 28, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    :O i love those ( im Ella Olivelace )


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