Silly Days

I actually already mentioned this event yesterday (see “Mermaid Grotto – NEW” post), but I had some more information about it, so I felt it needed its own post.

Yes, April Fools Day is tomorrow, so Pixie Hollow is celebrating Silly Days for two weeks. Why for so long? Beats me. Ending Silly Days this weekend would have been fine for all, I’m sure.

One major highlight of this event is the fact that all the mentor fairies are putting on a comedy show in Fairy Tale Theater called Pixie Hollow Comedy Night. Thankfully, it runs every hour at the top of the hour, so you can catch it when you have time. It lasts all of three minutes, but seeing them all together and snapping a few pictures makes it priceless for non-Members. Here is a photo I took today:

I know this isn’t a great picture, but it at least gets the point across. I’m going to try to spend more time there and get info on each mentor. Should be fun 🙂

Here is a post from Marina that came out today:

I went to the costume shop after reading this and was blown away by the beautiful mermaid disguises! Here I am modeling my favorite:

Only 162 daisies to buy ALL of it! I have well over 162 daisies, but I’ll never be able to buy any new clothes…Well, never say never I guess…


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