Fashionable Fairies – Spring 2

I went to try to see Tinker Bell yesterday afternoon, but I had failed to notice that she was only appearing in Mermaid Grotto. *sigh*

Anyway, while I was flittering around, I saw more fashionable fairies worth mentioning:

This lovely fairy (named Amethyst) caught my eye immediately because of her soft, dusty rose-colored dress and vibrant red hair (I love the matching pink streaks in her hair). Her shoes are super cute, too, with the curled toes. Very elf-like. I think she just needs a belt or necklace of a complimenting color to pull this whole outfit together. Overall Rating = A-

This tinker-talent fairy (named Misty) looks stylish in a navy blue tank-top jumpsuit. The golden belt goes wonderfully with it, and the sky blue accents on the tank top bring out her eye color. I’m not too fond of the jewerly or shoes, but I can see why she chose them since they resemble the belt. She’s also sporting the ever-popular side swept bangs with green tips, but she gets bonus points for choosing a great hairstyle to match in the back. The crown looks kind of weird with this outfit, but at least it coordinates color-wise. Overall Rating = A-

Finally! A fairy wearing the rainbow necklace with an outfit that works! 🙂 This water-talent fairy (named Sarah) looks beautiful and fresh in white. The colors in her necklace and hair work perfectly with the entire look. I’m not sure why she has a pen behind her ear, but I won’t deduct points since she might be a reporter. Also, her hairstyle with the green-tipped bangs looks great. Overall Rating = A

I saw this water-talent fairy (named Twilight) and loved how she paired one of the new mermaid tops with the simple white non-Member skirt. Very chic and ballerina-like. Her hair front and back look fine together, I just don’t care for the fact that the green tips in her hair clash with the green in her top. Small point reduction for missing this detail. Pink streaks would work so much better (see Amethyst). Overall Rating = A-

Fashionable Fairies are everywhere, so more to come soon! 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. o_o those are pretty cute i play pixie hollow Ella Olivelace 🙂 if its okay do you wanna be friends???


  2. Hi there! I would love to be friends 🙂


  3. Cool! I’m on Pixie Hollow right now 😀 if you want to add now or later im fine with that.


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