Thoughts on Memberships

Today I completed earning the last of my Starter Badges 🙂 The worst one was baking. I enjoy making cookies in real life, but it really is a chore on Pixie Hollow – especially all the stirring! Anyway, I am up to 22 badges and I can’t earn anymore badges at this point unless they allow non-Members to suddenly earn a new badge or two later on down the road. Hey, it could happen…Doubtful, but possible. Which leads me to my next topic: Memberships.

There’s no way I can afford an annual or even semi-annual Membership on Pixie Hollow. They are just too expensive! However, a month-long Membership is $5.95, and I read on a forum that if you cancel your Membership, you will not be able to access any of the Member items (like clothes and house objects)…but…you get to keep whatever hairstyle is on your fairy. That is awesome! Also, if you get rid of all your fairy’s non-Member-friendly clothes right before you cancel, you get to keep whatever outfit your fairy is wearing. Double awesome!! That may be worth $5.95 to me, because then I can get Marigold back to the way she originally looked, and I could squeeze in some time to collect as many badges as I can before my Membership runs out…:)

I always thought if you cancelled your Membership, you lost everything that had to do with being a Member. This is why becoming a Member never appealed to me, because I thought unless I keep paying for the Membership, I could never keep what I buy or earned as a Member – which doesn’t sound appealing for someone who wants to continue playing as a non-Member.

I know the draw of being a Member is to have special privileges – and Pixie Hollow has plenty of them. They try to keep Members and gain new Members by opening new stores and games, creating new locations (i.e. Mermaid Grotto), and constantly updating clothes and hairstyles to buy. Plus, there’s the additional new quest or badge to earn. I’ve noticed recently that most visits by the famous fairies occur in Member-only locations, too. The draw is definitely there, but the price is what keeps some people from becoming Members.

I’m seriously considering buying a one-month Membership and seeing what I can accomplish. Plus, I can then take tons of pictures of the Member-only areas and present them on my blog for non-Members to see. I know more new places will pop up after my Membership is over, but I am okay with that. If something new for Members shows up that is too exciting to miss, I may buy another one-month Membership in the future to see it. You never know…

I haven’t made a final decision yet, but it’s a serious consideration 😉


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  1. Memberships are nice i have one myself. ( had to cancel a membership for my 2nd Club Penguin account OnlyMeNotYou ) you can do way more quests and you can go to the ballroom, plus the clothes are ADORABLE!!!!!
    Peace – Ella Olivelace


    • Thanks for the info, Ella 🙂 It’s always nice to hear from a Member’s POV. I’m still considering becoming a Member for a month, but I want to choose just the right time to do it (i.e. when I have the most free time to get a lot accomplished). I’ll keep you posted 😉


  2. Posted by purexinsanity on August 2, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    As much as I love being a member, I often feel bad when I meet a non-member. Like you pointed out, most new features in the game have become members-only and it breaks my heart when a (what I assume to be) 12 or 13 year old fairy asks me where I got my outfit or hair and I have to tell them they have to pay the get it. It wasn’t always like this. At the very beginning, non-members were able to choose different starter outfits. I still have mine. Depending on which talent you chose, you could choose different colors and different styles of tops and skirts. But then, one summer, everyone started arriving with white clothes. By that time, I was already a member but I was so angry. Myself and some friends sent many letters to the fairy council asking them to return the old clothes but they said that they wanted the players to get a “much more real feel of the game by arriving in clothes much like Tinker Bell did.” Even now, I still ask the never council to add features that will benefit non-members (like members being able to gift clothes or objects to non-members, or allowing each member to bring one non-member into the ballroom). Alas, all my efforts have been in vain but I’m still trying 🙂
    Ps: I’m reeeeeeeally liking your blog. Mostly because it’s so simple and nice to read but also because you’re a non-member and ENJOY being one. I would really love to add you if I ever get the chance to see you in the game. Keep blogging~
    -Elli aka Rosethorn


    • Thanks for all your help, Elli! I’m so happy that you are enjoying my blog 🙂


    • I’ve been complaining to the Never Council too. I know what they’re saying sounds reasonable, but we all know it’s just a sugar coated excuse to exclude those that don’t earn them money. I’ve always wanted to start a rebellion. Kind of stupid, but just think! If we all stop playing and paying for membership for at least a week, and sending in mutiple complaints, maybe they’ll reinstate the game back to it’s original form-when non-members could choose their hairstyles and clothing and could make being a non-member a little more livable. If only. There are just too many members out there who look down upon non-members and wouldn’t come to this protest. As a non-member, I feel that this is completely unfair. What happened to money can’t buy happiness? Yes, life is mostly about money. But this is mostly 6-12 year olds we’re talking about! You’re snipping money from pre-teens! And what about those whose parents refuse to pay for a membership? Is this how society is now? Some petty competition based on their parent’s success? I feel that this is sickening. Especially since they force you to keep paying. No, you don’t just pay a one time fee, but you have to pay continously forever or else you lose ALL progress! You can’t even let us keep our hard earned rewards? That is infuriating! How greedy can these people get? Maybe this would seem fair if we only had to pay a one time fee or if non-members had more freedom.


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