New Location and Terence!

Kit posted this on the Never News Blog yesterday:

Fairies and Sparrow Men, let’s talk about dust — pixie dust, that is! The dust-talents have an announcement to make, and here to tell us is the dustiest pixie I know — Terence!

Kit: Fly with you, Terence! What’s the big news?

Terence: As you know, the dust-talents and scribe-talents are always looking for new ways to use pixie dust. I’m here to tell everyone that we’ve done it!

Kit: Ooo, tell us more!

Terence: Actually, it’s pretty simple, Kit. All pixies love their talent, right? And a lot of talent work uses pixie dust, right? Well, we’ve figured out a way where pixies who get better and better at their talents can earn more and more pixie dust, which in turn will help them get even BETTER at their talent!

Kit: Wow, that’s critterific! But how can pixies know how talented they are? Is there some way to measure it?

Terence: There is now! I’ll be helping pixies discover their current Talent Level and how to use their Talent Skills in new ways to reach even higher levels. There are rewards to earn, too!

Kit: Wow, it sounds like this is going to affect almost everything we do in Pixie Hollow!

Terence: Not everything, Kit, but yeah, there are some wonderful changes coming. A brand-new location will be opening in Pixie Hollow, too – look for me there next week!

Kit: I can’t wait! Thanks for the interview, Terence!

 Is that paw-some news or what? But wait, pixies, there’s more! As we learn these new ways to use our Talent Skills, our adventures in the Wilderness will change, too. So if you have any quests that require you to go to the Wilderness, make sure you finish them by next Tuesday, April 19. Let’s all get ready to celebrate our pixie dust powers starting next week!

I saw this coming from a mile away. Have you noticed many Members have 0 or 1 for Talent Skills? To make them work on their Talents, they now are offering rewards when fairies reach certain levels.

What I’m more excited about is the new location opening in Pixie Hollow next week 🙂 According to rumors on the Pixie Hollow Forum, it sounds like the Pixie Dust Mill in Havendish Square will be open for the first time – with Terence there to boot! TERENCE! 😉 Sorry, I’m getting WAY too excited for this. If this becomes a Member only area, you can bet I’m buying a 1-month Membership to see it!

Here’s a current picture I took today of Pixie Dust Mill:

I know the photo is out of focus and you can’t even get your fairy to the front of the mill, so watch for changes soon!

Here’s a photo from above of Havendish Square. See the mill below the tree roots, just on the water’s edge (it sort of looks like a lighthouse)? It’s always been on the map, but I’m wondering if it will change a bit by next week…Stay tuned! 🙂


6 responses to this post.

  1. how cool although i bet it will only be a member only place i wish i was a member but i also think it is too silly to spend money on GAMES but sometimes when ur pushed to the limit ur gonna have to pay whether u like it or not anyway im a BIG fan of ur site and becuz the game is so restricting i decided to lay off pixiehollow for a few months and so far its going great!


    • Thank you for being a fan my blog! I’m so happy that you are enjoying it 🙂

      I did read in one of Kit’s comment replies that the new location WILL be open to non-Members, but I bet it will be like when you go visit any other Mentor fairy and not much more.

      If you do stop playing Pixie Hollow for a little while, be aware that if you don’t log in once a month, your fairies will reset and you will have to start all over again. I had that happen to me last year, which is why Marigold doesn’t look the same now.

      I hope you continue to follow my blog 🙂 Also, I love comments, so feel free to share your thoughts any time.


  2. it is open to non members?


    • Sadly, non-Members can’t enter the mill again after the first time of learning about the talent levels =(
      This really bummed me out, because I only got to meet Terence that one time. Had I known, I would have…well…said something more memorable 😉


  3. Hey Marigold, Check out my blog at! I’m petitioning to bring the old pixie hollow back!


  4. Sunshine when I went to your blog it said THIS BLOG HAS BEEN REMOVED! Did you remove it or what happened? I would really like to check out your blog!


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