Pixie Dust Mill OPEN!

I was shocked to find out Pixie Dust Mill opened this morning!

I was greeted by my mentor (Rosetta) and the most handsome sparrow man in Pixie Hollow 😉

I was so star-struck that I couldn’t say anything! I just smiled like an idiot and tried to focus on what Terence was saying to me…

New places?!? At first, I was incredibly excited, but I realized later that these new places are for Members only. Figures.

Rosetta then presented me with a Talent Level of 1 and the following rewards:
2 Bottles Grassblade Green Dye
4 Buttercup Petals
2 Daisy Petals
2 Lily Petals
3 Rose Petals
6 Spider Silk
Fringe Flower Blouse Pattern
Brushed Maple Wrap Pattern
Buttercup Skirt Pattern
Maple Mini Pattern
Petal Chain Belt Pattern
Moonbeam Belt Pattern
Twirly Boots Pattern
Leaf Topper Boots Pattern
Acorn Cookie Recipe
Sunflower Cookie Recipe
Honey Cookie Recipe
Maple Mat Blueprint
Tenderleaf Table Blueprint
Posy Pillow Blueprint
Clay Pot Blueprint
Tulip Floor Lamp Blueprint
Petal Candle Blueprint

This is all so cool and new and fun 🙂

I went straight to Copper, then Mendy, then Dulce, and finally to Bobbin to earn enough points to get to Talent Level 2.

It’s not as easy as you think. Sewing patterns at Mendy’s are so much more difficult now with a new way to steer and make the caterpillar jump while cutting. Otherwise, baking and tinkering is the same. I suggest going to Bobbin’s first before Mendy’s to get the hang of the new tailoring system.

Also, the cool dyes I earned are unusable by non-Members. I was sooooooo excited to get two green and two yellow dyes, but when I tried to use them, the old “Aw, jingles!” message came up and said I have to be a Member to dye clothes. Frustrating!!!

Anyway, I flew back to the Pixie Dust Mill to…umm…ask Terence some questions (wink, wink), but the door to the mill was locked and there was a note on the door:

Isn’t his signature cool??? He is so creative…

Wouldn’t we make a cute couple? I’m totally joking. Everyone knows he is sweet on Tinker Bell…lucky girl. That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, though 😉

Good luck earning your new Talent Levels and, Members, have fun exploring the new places! More information and pictures to come soon!


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  2. I agree this is one of my favorite posts!
    Keep on doing stuff like this and I love the story posts a lot!


    • Thanks, Daylily! I really had a blast writting this particular post (probably because it involved Terence). I would love to write more story posts, but I just haven’t found the time yet. I promise to write one soon, though 😉


  3. I was so excited today when I got to go to the pixie dust mill-after getting to level 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not even a member-but more about that later


  4. I hardly played this :O


  5. Posted by erica on May 3, 2013 at 2:43 am

    nicely done


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