Talent Level Cap

With all the new things going on in Pixie Hollow, I have been flying around like a mad fairy trying to earn enough points to get to higher levels. I reached Talent Level 2 yesterday, and when I finally reached Level 3 today, this is the message I got:

I was so angry to see this after spending all that time baking, tailoring, and tinkering only to have my efforts be thrown in my face and called worthless. It is partly my fault for not reading my Talent Level guide better, though…

See the Member sign right next to Talent Level 3? Yeah…well…I missed that.

Apparently, when you are a Member, you get this Level 3 message instead:

Because I’m not a Member, I can’t use Pixie Dust – or something like that. It’s so frustrating! Just when you think Pixie Hollow is finally making changes for the better, they are actually just giving more reasons to pay for a Membership.

Well, at least I’m enjoying the new changes to the tailoring games. Being a fashionable fairy, I love to tailor clothes and shoes and accessories for the Community, but it gets old when you get nothing back in return.

While tailoring at Bobbin’s today, she said this to me:

I guess I’m glad that I’m not a tailor-talent, because then I would always be making clothes for other fairies and never for myself. I’m not bitter.

Anyone have similar thoughts on the changes in Pixie Hollow? Leave a comment 🙂


One response to this post.

  1. yes i have the same issue with pixie hollow. it annoys me when i think im going so far into it and the it tells me that i cant go further because im not a member.


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