New Game Coming Soon!

Everyone’s all a-buzz with excitement in the Hollow because a new game seems to be in the works in Chilly Falls!

The gals on the forums are thinking this is a new game featuring Iridessa 🙂 I just hope non-Members can play so I can have something to look forward to…

*UPDATE* As I was typing this post, Pixie Hollow updated their news blog with this:

So it’s another sorting game – only with gems. Obviously, I can’t help with the quest, so I’ll just have to hope the Member fairies help out enough to get the Gem Shed open on time (whenever that is…probably next week).


2 responses to this post.

  1. aww…that sucks! im starting to feel that pixiehollow is trying to pressure us into paying for membership more than ever. first,the talent skills and whatever and now a new game! can life get any worse in pixiehollow? 😦


    • Posted by Emma Coronado on July 13, 2012 at 4:24 pm

      Pixie Hollow is a place to meet new friends and enjoy its spectalcular fairy world. I have a membership and i agree at first it feels like presure, but once u get it its a whole other world from another fairy point of view. Choices are not always easy. From fairy to another Pixie hollow is Disneys master peice!!


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