Tea Party Coming Soon

Here’s the latest Never News from Marina:

This means the 2011 Garden Tea Party will be coming soon 🙂 I’m guessing these tea party fashions will become available on Tuesday, June 7th since many collections are retiring on the 6th.

The girls on the forums are buzzing with excitement and wondering what tea party hats will be available this year. Since I missed the tea party last year, I’m not sure what to expect as I probably won’t be able to participate anyway 😦

In case you’re new to Pixie Hollow – or stopped playing before the tea party occurred last year, here’s some background info on the Garden Tea Party I found on the Pixie Hollow Guide:

  • The 2010 Garden Tea Party began June 8th and went through June 16th.
  • The Ballroom opened on June 8, 2010 with a gift (Butterfly Teapot) for Members.
  • Garden Tea Parties were held in Palm Tree Cove, Dewdrop Vale, and Sunflower Gully.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the meadows are decorated for the tea parties and what new clothes will be available. Stay tuned!


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