Sporty Sneak Peek

Here’s the latest news from Marina:

As you know, I wasn’t in the Hollow last year for Camp Pixie Dust, so I don’t know whether or not Sports Camp will be better or worse…

Looking through the forums, most fairies who were there for Camp Pixie Dust are excited for this new event. Apparently, the old camp event wasn’t anything super special and the themed outfits were not stylish. Most fairies are really looking forward to buying the capris shown in the outfit sketch. Seems like this year’s camp is going to be sports and talent-related 😉

Check back tomorrow since the new camp events list will be posted as some point 🙂


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  1. Awww! I loved Camp Pixie Dust last year! Why are they changing it?!


    • I’m not sure why exactly they are changing it this year. My guess would be that they didn’t get as many fairies participating in the camp as other events, so they want to re-vamp it. If Sports Camps ends up disappointing you, I would submit a complaint to the Never Council.


  2. Is this camp for all fairies? I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you.


    • Shockingly, ALL fairies can sign-up and train for Sports Camp! 🙂 The talent-specific quests and famous fairy visits will be limited to Members only, but this is the most I’ve seen non-Members be able to participate in since early 2010!


  3. Wonder why they’re switching back this year….


  4. I really loved the hats in 2010, but the pants for the Sparrow Men were too short. Chase said that somebody told him ‘nice legs.’ Do you think that they will make a Camp Pixie Dust this year? If so, I’m really looking forward to it!


  5. Hey there Marigold!!!! I am sooooo excited about Today!!!!!! I woke up at 6:00 am in Ohio!!! I am this way because…… Camp Pixie Dust!!!!! Yay! I hope you have a great summer in the online world and the real world!!! ~ Magenta~


  6. what do you do in camp pixie dust? it doesn’t have any instructions, it just says sign up for camp pixie dust. Here’s what I’ve figured out from speedchat, cassie’s, fairy tale theater, and experimentation: To sign up for camp, click the inkwell on the stand in havendish square, then you will get a badge. there are different troops for each talent, and you can get troop clothes in cassie’s. troop rabbit is for animal talents, troop butterfly is garden talents, troop turtle is tinker talents, troop otter is water talents, and troop glowworm is LIGHT TALENTS! There are extra emotes: s’mores, and the troop animals. the fairy tale theater is now a camp fire, and lyria will be preforming every hour at the top of the hour. i will wait for more details to find out what you DO in camp.


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