Sports Camp Training Quest

Today is the official start of Sports Camp! 😀


Thinking this event would be like all the others (i.e. Member Only), I went to Palm Tree Cove to see the festivities and to see what the Members were doing…

There was no one in line for the sign-ups, so I thought I would get in line and chat with Marina. I almost peed my pants when I saw this:

A Quest for ALL FAIRIES?!?! Was it a misprint??? I had to find out, so I flew directly to Marina.

After I picked myself up off the sand, I double-checked to make sure this wasn’t a dream and (as a non-Member) I could definitely compete, and Marina replied:

Oh…Well, at least I can train! 🙂 Marina asked if I still wanted to sign-up, and I yelled back, “DUH!” I was so embarrassed! Anyway, here’s Step 1 of 4 of my quest:

Wish me luck as I play to earn 5,000 points playing Fairy Fireworks! 😀


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