Sports Camp Training – 3

I had to play Snowflake Sweep three times all the way through to get enough points for the Minister of Winter to let me leave! Since I’m not a Member, I can only play on the easy level – which makes me wonder if Members get more points by being able to play on more difficult levels…Any Members out there want to shed some light on this for me? 😉

So, once training was finished with Winter, I flew back to Marina and got my next step of the quest:

The Minister of Summer believes all athletes need strength to win – no matter what game they play. Apparently, she thinks Tinker Toss is the best game for building strength. I guess with all the heavy lifting, she has a point. This is one game I REALLY wish I had a membership for, because the conveyor belt moves sooooo slowly on the easy level.

Off to see Tinker Bell and build some arm strength! 🙂


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