Sports Camp Training – 4

I was getting so tired of Tinker Toss that I quit halfway through the second time around playing, because I had just reached 10,000 points. I love Tinker Bell, but her game gets boring (or at least on the easy level). My arms do feel sore from all the lifting, carrying, and tossing, so I hope Tinker Toss made my arms stronger 😉

Here’s my last step from Marina:

The Minister of Spring knows every athlete needs to be aware of time, because almost all sports involve beating the clock. I’m just confused as to why I only have to earn 5,000 points when this is the final step. Whatever, I guess. The less time I have to play, the better 😉

I flew straight to Seed Sorter and had more than enough points after just two rounds!

Does the Minister of Spring think we’re too stupid to match correctly, or what?!? This step of training could have easily been for 15,000 points or more since I had 26,240 points by the end – and that’s not even my highest score!

Anyway, I flew back to Marina to see what happened after I completed the last task:

Marina then said I could select my reward:

Not much to select from…but I’ll take what I can get! Members – What other options did you have to choose from?

 Here’s my new badge:

FINALLY! Pixie Hollow allows non-Members to get a new badge 😀


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by AnimeIcePrincess on July 7, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    im so glad that non-members get to participate ^ ^
    actually everyone gets the same! (for once)
    just that badge as a reward


  2. Thats nice is only I was a on then! Well thats really great I think they may loosen up on what non-members can do soon. With Animal Derby and Diamonds, Post Office this might be a good year for non-members!


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