Fairy Tale Theater – Lyria

I have tried for the last four days to see Lyria, and I either missed her by a minute or she never showed up! 😦

Here’s the latest from Sweet Pea:

I just tried again to see Lyria perform, but I got held up a bit while flying to Havendish Square and ended up just missing her! One of the fairies in the audience told me Lyria performs for all of a minute and leaves, so I literally had just missed her. So frustrating! As soon as I finally catch the performance, I’ll post screen shots on here.

How did you like Lyria’s performance? Will you go back and see it again?


One response to this post.

  1. I did not know she LITERALLY came and preformed! Anytime I try and see her it’s annoying ’cause she’s not there! Well I’ll just have to wait until Lyria decides to perform again! I REALLY hope that’s next month or the next.


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