Coliseum OPEN

The Fairy Coliseum has officially opened to all fairies today!

Here is Marina’s Place in the coliseum – which is absolutely beautiful!

Here are some pictures of the new shop Zephyr’s Zoom Room:

And we can’t forget the new game Animal Derby:

On a sidenote, I have been hearing a mainland song called We Found Love playing like crazy around the hollow lately! Just this morning, I heard it playing in the coliseum, Zephyr’s Zoom Room, Summit Style, and the Tea Room! Some of my friends have been commenting that the part of song that goes, “Yellow diamonds in the light / and we’re standing side by side,” reminds them of me (Get it? Sunjewel? Yellow diamonds?). Anyway, it’s flattering, but I’m ready for some festive holiday-style music…Christmas is just a month and a handful of days away  😉 

What do you think of the Fairy Coliseum, Animal Derby, and Zephyr’s Zoom Room? I’d love to hear what you think. Leave me a comment  🙂


One response to this post.

  1. I love them a lot! They are so worth the wait!!!! I loved getting the Original Racer for being one of the first to play Animal Derby! I think the Coliseum is a great place to hang out with a friend. And I bought ALL the clothes at Zepher’s Zoom Room! It’s all so fun!


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