NEW GAME – Animal Derby

Here’s the latest from Slate (click the image to make it larger):

I have played the new game Animal Derby at the Fairy Coliseum a few times now and have mixed feelings about it…

The Good: I love that this game can be played by ALL fairies!  😀  I also like that I can play with up to three of my friends or fairies I have never met before. I think the game as a whole is fun – especially with the little mystery boxes you can use on yourself or your opponents. I like that everyone wins a prize, too.

The Bad: Why do non-Members get a turtle to ride? A TURTLE?!? It’s like the Never Council is purposely degrading non-Members by giving us turtles while giving Members their choice of obviously faster critters. I have only seen Members picking squirrels to ride so far. Plus, even if I run a PERFECT race, I can’t win against a Member – even if they screw up MULTIPLE times! Talk about unfair  😦  To level the playing field, I think the entire group should have to race with turtles if a non-Member is playing. Also, I don’t like that if you use your mystery box when no other fairies are shown on the screen but are right in front of you, the tornado (or whatever) is used on YOU instead! I sadly figured this out right before I got to the finish line and lost my 2nd place standing and ended up 4th  😦

What are your thoughts? Please leave comments  😀


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  1. I’m really good at animal derby. I can win against members, because 1) I am super lucky and always chose freeze when I get a box and 2) I’m not going to let the Never Council make a fool out of me. I have NEVER seen a member pick a turtle. Ever. And most non-member fairies are not as stupid as I, they don’t even play as to not be humiliated. I also HATE that the leaderboards are like member-only. Pixie Hollow sucks. It used to be so awesome.


  2. I also hate how their games have higher levels for members. Just because you pay 5.95 a month doesn’t mean you’re more talented than we are -___-


  3. yeah, that stinks


  4. Whenever I am playing with a non-member I always use the turtle to be fair. One guy I was playing with asked me why I wasn’t playing with a cool member guy like this member named Zak over to the side. I was like I don’t really want to play with some snotty member guy I’d rather play with someone who is nice. Even if that means riding a turtle. Well I always ride on the same turtle who is so CUTE! I named her Bella and she actually beat a bunny named TIm! GOOO BELLA!


  5. how do you play the game? when i click on it on the map it just puts me into the square… HELP!


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