Fashionable Fairies – Fall 2011

I apologize for not having the Summer 2011 Addition of Fashionable Fairies  😦  To make up for it, I’m featuring not two, not four, but SIX fashionable fairies in the Fall 2011 Addition  😀  I hope you enjoy!

Bayberry Orangeglow – Level 28

This fashionable Water-Talent pixie is wearing an orange-red top and skirt, which are the perfect rustic color for Fall. The matching high-heeled boots are a great touch, as well as the ribbon arm band. I’m not crazy about the headband or the flower accent on the skirt since they seem a bit too Spring/Summery for this season. I also don’t care for the jagged bangs haircut when the rest of the hair is smooth and layered. The hair color is a glamorous auburn shade and the high pony tail is super cute, but I can’t get past those bangs…
Overall Rating: B+

Clover Diamonddrop – Level 3

I took one look at Clover and thought, “Princess Pocahontas!” This beautiful Animal-Talent fairy is hard to miss with her shiny molasses-colored hair and chic Native American style. The turquoise necklace gets major points, along with the natural-colored top and skirt. I also love the contrast the golden belt brings to the whole outfit. While I think the tiara is a nice touch, I’m not crazy about the color. The color looks great on the clothes, but what metal looks like the color of fur or canvas? I would change the tiara’s color to the golden belt color to bring everything together.  The shoes are decent…colors are fine…but the style doesn’t really go with the outfit. Until the stores sell moccasins, though, I’m sure this fairy did the best she could. The bangs could also be changed to look less choppy.
Overall Rating: A-

Jade – Level 13

Isn’t Jade the sweetest thing? This super cute Light-Talent pixie is like a beautiful blueberry candy cane! The stripped top is very pretty and I love the color combination – especially with her beautiful aqua-colored eyes. The skirt is also really cute, but I would change the very bottom of the hem color from cornflower blue to the same darker blue as the top to bring the entire outfit together. The shoes are a great match as well as the headband in her rich chocolate-brown hair. Her hairstyle is messy but in a cute, stylish way. The only thing missing is a cute purse, bracelet, or dangle earrings.
Overall Rating: A-

Moongem – Level 5 Water Talent

Moongem also went with the super eye-catching aqua blue outfit to match her gorgeous eyes (plus, she’s a Water-Talent, so it fits). The top and bottom look great, but I think a thin black belt would look flaptastic and tie everything together. I love the black boots and the stripped arm band, but the necklace looks a little weird since the neckline of the top is so high. As I said, a belt would be better. The hairstyle and color are also very complimentary to the outfit, but it seems like it’s missing something…maybe a cute brett or something.
Overall Rating: A-

Stella – Level 11

Although Stella looks cute at first glance, this Tinker-Talent fairy has a lot going on! The outfit is cute and very turn-of-the-century glam, but it almost seems a little too…Valentine’s Day Theater-like. Maybe if she traded the skirt and stockings…and the flower headband…for something more modern, she could be super fashionable. As she’s currently dressed, Stella did get my attention and I thought she looked really cute, but once I took a closer look, I couldn’t stop finding problems. She’s a really cute pixie but needs to stop dressing like she’s going to a Valentine’s Day themed party.
Overall Rating: B

Tessa – Level 27

Tessa looks like she came straight off the Fall Fashion Runway! I love everything about the classy and elegant outfit, slim shoes, cute clutch, and simple-sleek hairstyle. I really love the feathers in her hair, too. They almost look like sparkles. The only minor flaw are the color-tipped bangs. If her outfit was green instead of blue, then it would be fine. There’s not a trace of green in her entire outfit, though, so I would lose the tips. Otherwise, Tessa is most definitely a trend setter!
Overall Rating: A

Thoughts? Leave your comment below  🙂

*Want your fairy to be in the next issue of Winter 2011 Fashionable Fairies? Leave the link to your pixie page in the comments and I will let you know when I will be judging so you can make sure your fairy is appropriately dressed.*


7 responses to this post.

  1. Hello Marigold. I’m Clover Diamonddrop, from your 2011 Fall page. I typed in my name on Google and happened across on your website. It’s amazing, but maybe you shouldn’t point out everyone’s faults. Instead, laminate everything good in them.
    I would like to give you a way to see my fairy’s pixie page currently in 2012. Here is the link! Enjoy! : )
    p.s.: – I have two new fairies, Opal and Devlin. Here are the links to their pixie pages.
    for Opal: –
    for Devlin: –
    Email me!
    I also have a website under construction!!!


    • Hey, Clover! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I try to be very careful when pointing out changes I would make to fairies’ outfits, but I’m trying to be honest and help others who want to copy featured fairies’ styles. It’s all based on personal opinion, so what I think is beautiful another may think is hideous. I really was complimenting your creative style, which is why I featured you. Can’t wait to see your website!


  2. this was Fall 2011. I just noticed Tessa is holding a clutch that is now in the PPO!
    They just rereleased it and sold it for diamonds!


    • You’re totally right, Sunrise! Isn’t it funny how they’re re-releasing items, but putting them in the post office where you HAVE to pay diamonds if you want them? 😛


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