Pixie Diamonds Coming Soon!

Pixie Diamonds are coming soon to Pixie Hollow!

Guess what?! Because you requested it, soon there will be a new way to get things in Pixie Hollow that won’t require Membership – It’s called Pixie Diamonds! Members will still enjoy all of the same benefits they have now, but starting early next year both Members and free players (with their parent’s permission) will also be able to buy Pixie Diamonds with real money.

All players will be able to use the Pixie Diamonds that they’ve bought to:

  • Get new clothes and accessories!
  • Adopt an Animal Friend!
  • Buy the latest furnishings for your Fairy Home!

All wardrobe and home items and Animal Friends bought with Pixie Diamonds will stay with your Fairy forever*, even if your Membership expires, and will not count toward your storage limit. And Members, you’ll be getting an automatic monthly allowance of Pixie Diamonds included with your Membership when this feature comes out! Pretty sweet, huh?!

I’ll give you even more information as it comes in, but for now you can message the Never Council with any questions you may have about this exciting new feature!

* As long as account is in good standing and for the life of the product.

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


Here are some questions by fairies and answers provided by Sweet Pea concerning Pixie Diamonds:

Q: How will we be able to get diamonds?
A: With your parent’s permission, you’ll be able to buy Pixie Diamonds through the Pixie Hollow website, just like you can buy a Membership now.

Q: Members can keep their clothes, and stuff forever after membership expires, or only those, what we have bought with these diamonds?
A: Only items bought with Pixie Diamonds will stay with your Fairy after your Membership expires. Lucky for you, Members will be getting a monthly allowance of Pixie Diamonds!

Q: How do we pay for the Diamonds? With real money?
A: Exactly! Pixie Diamonds will be available for purchase (with your parent’s permission) with real money.

Q: Will you have to buy diamonds online or can you earn them like the ingredients?
A: With your parent’s permission, you’ll be able to buy Pixie Diamonds on the website. Plus, you’ll still be able to earn ingredients in the Hollow.

Q: When will we get the diamonds? How much will these cost?
A: Pixie Diamonds will arrive in the Hollow sometime next year. I’ll have even more information for you then, including how much they’ll cost.

Q: What will members get to do? Are we all supposed to stop our accounts?
A: Membership isn’t going anywhere, and there will still be many benefits to Membership (including a monthly Pixie Diamond allowance!). If you’re curious or confused about your Membership, please contact our support team with your questions here.

Q: I don’t really get it, I’m a member, so does that mean I will still be able to have more exclusive things? Or will everything be equal for everyone, Member or non-Member?
A: Sorry for the confusion! There still will be exclusive benefits for Members, including a new monthly Pixie Diamond allowance. Our support team is happy to answer any questions you might have about your Membership.

Q: What are Pixie Diamonds?
A: Pixie Diamonds are a new type of currency coming to the Hollow in 2012! Members will still be able to use Ingredients to buy things in Pixie Hollow, and all players will be able to purchase (with their parent’s permission) and use Pixie Diamonds to buy clothes and other things in Pixie Hollow! Read today’s Never News article for more information!

Q: When you say it doesn’t require a membership, does that mean that nonmembers can get them as an allowance also?
A: Only Members will get a Pixie Diamond allowance –free players will be able to purchase Pixie Diamonds with real money on the Pixie Hollow website (with their parent’s permission). But, there will be some opportunities for
free players to earn a small amount of Pixie Diamonds as well. More information to come in the new year!

Q:  If your membership expires and you bought something with diamonds, do you still get to keep it, and can non members buy it to?
A:  If you buy something with Pixie Diamonds while you are a Member, that item WILL still be available for you to use/wear when you Membership expires! How cool is that?


To read the original news post and more Q&A posts (posted December 20, 2011), click here.



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