Inside the Ice Palace

Have you visited the Minister of Winter’s Ice Palace in Chilly Falls yet? There are lots of really cool surprises inside! Let’s take a peek. . .

  • Click on those cute critter ice sculptures to get them as a gift for your Fairy Home!
  • Collect gem bunches; the yellow one is easy to spot, but you’ll really have to look for the blue bunch!
  • Use your Grow Talent Skill to decorate the grand staircase with festive holly!
  • Earn your 2011 Winter Wonderland badge by making it snow. You’ll need to gather 10 pixies and all use the Snowflake emote at the same time!

 Today is your last chance of the season to meet the Minister of Winter! She’ll be gifting pixies with an ice sleigh for your Fairy Homes at 3 PM Pixie Standard Time in the Ice Palace. Get the key by completing Silvermist’s quest for Members and join in all of the wintry fun!

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


The Ice Palace is located in Chilly Falls – Northeast of Havendish Square (upper right-hand side of the tree). You have to be a Member to get into the palace, because only Members can complete Silvermist’s quest to earn the key.

I was wondering how much longer the Ice Palace will be around, so I asked Sweet Pea:


(Click here to see the original post by Sweet Pea – Posted December 27, 2011.)


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