BIG News for the New Year!

That’s right, my fellow pixies! I have some REALLY awesome news to share in 2012 that will make many non-members VERY happy – and probably make some Members excited, too 😀

Here’s a little preview of what’s coming:

Yep, that’s me! It’s part of the new and improved Marigold Sunjewel for 2012 😀  And, no, I didn’t become a Member…More info coming soon!

I’ve also invited a select few of my closest fairy friends to help write some posts in my blog to make sure my readers get all the latest news and juicy gossip from around the Hollow!  😉


Vanillabelle – She’s a gorgeous light-talent fairy with lots of Pixie Hollow secrets to tell!

Sapphire Iceflame – A spicy water-talent fairy with a sharp mind and blazing love for winter weather.

Heron Neversong – This sparrow man has made a few guest appearances on my blog earlier in 2011 when I made my return, but now you can get the full scoop on “What Heron Heard” right here on my blog!

Stay tuned for more announcements along with the BIG NEWS coming in 2012! You don’t want to miss this, so sign up for email notifications (“Email Subscription” is on the right-hand side of the screen below my profile picture) and find out instantly when all new posts are made  😀

Happy New Year, everyone! I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!



11 responses to this post.

  1. pixie diamonds? tell us NOW PLEASE?! at least tell us if you have to pay for it or not, just to sustain my hunger in the meantime 😉


    • Hi, Jenny! My announcement doesn’t involve Pixie Diamonds, but I can tell you that the diamonds will require you to purchase them. If you’re a Member, you will get a monthly allowance of diamonds. I’ll share more info when it becomes available. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. I’m a new-old light-talent named Stargrace who LOVES your blog! Ugh, judging from your blog, Pixie Hollow changed so much. I used to have so many wardrobe items and quest rewards and now I have 3 items in my wardrobe. Wanna meet up sometime and chat about old times? 🙂 I’m PST. See ya around the waterfall! ❤


  3. Hey Marigold, what server are you usually on?


  4. I almost always am on lily peak.


  5. Hey when will these fairies be writing? I really want to hear more from them! Please make it soon.


    • Hey, Daylily! Heron wrote his first post last month and promised to write at least one a month, so his next one should be coming anytime. Sapphire is wrapping up her first post now, so it should be posted by the end of the week. Vanillabelle said she has a few more things to get before her post will be ready, so I hope we can get her post up sometime this month 😀


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