Back in the Saddle Again – I’m Back!

Hey, pixies! Sorry to keep you hanging since March…I’m really bad at committing myself to something for too long. I get bored easy, what can I say?

Thanks to my good friend Marigold, she has allowed me to post my thoughts on her blog starting this year since I’ve terrible with keeping up with my own blog. Marigold has been doing an awesome job here, huh? She’s been bugging me forever to update mine, but I just haven’t had time…or the motivation… 😛

So why am I back? Well, the New Year is here, I always have a lot to talk about, and I have to keep some kind of journal for my mentor (Fawn) to grade after each season to see my progress. My New Year’s resolution? To write AT LEAST once a month. Sounds easy enough, but I obviously had problems last year with this task.

So here’s the breakdown of my life over the last 9 months:
I’ve been working hard to get my talent points, but a community sparrow man can only get so far when he’s not a Member. I’ve been volunteering at the animal nursery on the weekends and, recently, I’ve been assisting other animal talents at the Animal Derby since some animals have been getting injured during the races. Nothing too serious has happened, but it keeps me busy and constantly around animals – which I love. I still haven’t found “the one” in terms of a significant other, but I’ve dated a considerable number of fairies over the months, and they just get better and better 😉  My last relationship lasted nearly an entire month, so I’m not so much of a “player” now. It just sucked breaking up right before Winter Wonderland, but she’s a Member and I’m not, so I couldn’t go to the fancy parties in the Ballroom or Ice Palace anyway.

So what has Heron heard lately? Everyone is buzzing about Pixie Diamonds!

According to Sweet Pea, they will be coming out sometime soon, but the higher-ups are keeping their lips sealed. Here’s a letter I found that was sent to registered members:

Hello Pixie Pal,

Beginning early next year, Pixie Hollow will be introducing an exciting new feature called Pixie Diamonds! This brand new feature allows all players to enjoy shopping in Pixie Hollow – no Membership required.

Pixie Diamonds are a new way for players to get things in Pixie Hollow without having to become a Member. Any player will be able to purchase Pixie Diamonds using their credit card or PayPal account. These will be non-recurring one time purchases, but you can get as many Pixie Diamonds as you like. Membership is not required to purchase Pixie Diamonds.

Pixie Hollow Members will also receive a monthly allowance of Pixie Diamonds for as long as they are an active Member. Members will be able to use Pixie Diamonds in the game as well to enhance their experience. It’s just another perk of being a Pixie Hollow Member!

Here’s what all players will be able to do with Pixie Diamonds:
Get new clothes and accessories for their Fairy or Sparrow Man
Adopt an adorable Animal Friend
Buy and decorate a new Fairy Home
Send postcards and gifts to their Fairy friends
Throw a pixie party and invite friends to play party games
Best of all, most items you buy in game with Pixie Diamonds – like clothes and home items – will always* be available for your Fairy to use – even if your Membership expires.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this upcoming addition to Pixie Hollow and keep your eyes peeled for Pixie Diamonds – happy flapping!

Thank you,
Member Services
Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow

I will reveal more as I hear more 🙂


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