January is Art Month

Show off your individual sense of style during Art Month! Now is the time to try out fun new accessories like the Fluffy Owl Fascinator from Summit Style or the knit hats from Bella’s Baubles. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your colors either! I hope to see lots of creatively-styled Fairies in the Hollow today, when I fly in to look for Fairies to feature in my Fashion Spotlight.

Plus, we want to see your artsy Fairy Homes too! Get creative and decorate your Fairy Home with the new Artsy Décor from Treetop Housewares. Then, take a snapshot of your home (instructions here) and upload it to the Share Your Creativity Page. We’ll be sure to feature a few of the most unique snapshots in a future Never News article!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: I like the table in your picture. Are there different colors?
A: The artsy new tables are available in three different colors at Treetop Housewares. Plus, did you know you can dye your Fairy Home items whatever color you want? Pick up some colorful dye bottles at one of the dye shops and get creative!

Q: I am very curious to know about Art Month since this is my first time doing this event and I have no clue about it. Will there be art contests?.
A: Happy 1st Art Month! We’ll be celebrating creativity all month-long. Colorful hair highlights, decor, and outfits are just the beginning. Stay tuned to the Never News, and be sure to submit your artsy Fairy Home!


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