January Fashion Spotlight

Oh my wings! I’ve never seen as many Fairy fashionistas as I did last week! I chose more pixies than ever before – eight total – to feature in this month’s Fashion Spotlight. Celeste Mistycloud, Pandora Nevermeadow, Foxstripe, Zak, Chloe Cloudywillow, Tessa Cherrygem, Lily Fireflower, and May Rosegem put together such artistic and stylish outfits! And Schelly did a flaptastic job with their colorful highlights!

Have you seen pixies wearing Ice Cream Cones, Blackberries, and Cupcakes flying in the Hollow? Disney Fairies Sweet Treat doll sets are now available for purchase in stores and include unique, one-time codes to unlock one of these exclusive Silly Sweet fashions. Enter your code here to unlock the Silly Sweets, and earn your Sweet Treats Collection badge by entering codes from all three toys!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: Will there be any events in February? like a Fashion Spotlight?
A: There will definitely be another Fashion Spotlight next month, which means another chance for you to get featured!

Q: How long will we be able to buy the Hair Highlights up for sale?
A: Hair highlights are here to stay! Aren’t they a positively flitterific addition to Schelly’s Salon?

Q: Marina, the fashions are to fly for! I especially love the deep indigo color that Celeste Mistycloud and Lily Fireflower are wearing. What color is that? I would love to get my fairy hands on a few bottles!
A: That beautiful dye color is Royal Purple. Colette’s Colors has stocked it as part of her Winter 2011 Seasonal Dyes collection. Flap on over to Colette’s in Chilly Falls to pick up a few bottles!

Q: Which stores do we get the Sweet Treats Collections from so I can get the badge?
A: The Disney Fairies Sweet Treat toys are available at Target and may arrive in more stores later. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and see if your Target stocks them before going to the store.

Q: How do you get the codes? How do we know where they’re hidden?
A: Each Sweet Treat toy includes one code for Silly Sweets. Look inside of the packaging for a piece that says, “Flip over for code to unlock pixie sweets in Pixie Hollow!” Hope that helps!


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Just as a sidenote, obviously the new “Fashion Spotlight” Marina is doing is very much like the “Fashionable Fairies” feature I’ve been posting for several seasons now – only mine is better since I discuss each fairy’s outfit, hair, and accessories instead of just showing a picture  😉  Leave a comment with a link to your fairy’s page, and I’ll feature her in my Winter addition of Fashionable Fairies!


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