Artsy Fairy Homes

Last week, I asked you to get creative and decorate your Fairy Homes for Art Month. I must say you pixies really let your creativity soar! Serena Waterfly (pictured above) painted the nature scene on the right-hand side of her home in a portrait to her left.

Check out more artsy homes, including Seaberry’s amazing “Easel Tower” (above)!

All of these imaginative pixies will receive a Flitterific Home Design badge for a job well done. Plus, it’s not too late to earn the Flitterific Home Design badge – continue uploading your artsy home snapshots here and I’ll choose a few more to feature before Art Month is over!

See ya ’round the waterfall!



Q: Marina, I tried to take a snapshot of mine but it didn’t work! What do I do? I have a PC. Please help me! I’d like to show you my home! It has a waterfall in it!
A: Splashtastic! There are direction for taking a snapshot on a PC at the bottom of this page: Can’t wait to see your home and waterfall!

Q: Where did Serena get her weeping willow or whatever it is with the pond? I love it and I would really like to get it!
A: That’s the Bubbly Bog Fountain! Fly to Harmony’s Home Shop in Neverberry Thicket to get one (or a bunch of them!) for your Fairy Home.

Q: These fairy homes were flitterific! I’m going to enter the contest. It looks fun! Can everybody enter? Or can only Members enter?
A: Everybody can send in their art, but you’ll need to become a Member to decorate your Fairy Home.


To read the original post and read all the comments, click here.


My personal favorite is Nightshade’s home. The waterfall and pond made from leaves and rugs is super creative and looks awesome! 😀  Which home do you like best? Leave me a comment!



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