Fairy Friendship Festival 2012

Fairy friends are the sweetest! That’s why Pixie Hollow celebrates Sweet Week AND Fairy Friendship Festival in February!

Sweet Week, February 2 through 8, is full of delicious things to do: Meet baking-talent Dulcie for the first time ever, shop for candy-coated fashions and home items, and tinker Kylie M.’s winning cupcake vanity set! And if you leave a Cookie Tray from Ember’s Essentials Shop in your Fairy Home overnight during Sweet Week, you’ll receive a special Silly Sweet.

Then, the Fairy Friendship Festival kicks off on February 9 with a new Tinker Bell quest – She needs your help making a friendship gift for Terence! Best friends Tink and Terence will be flying into the Ballroom during the festival, and Vidia may crash the party too. Also in the Ballroom, there will be a festive gift for Members! Put it on and follow the instructions in the decorated meadows to make friendship bloom and earn the Fairy Friendship 2012 badge.

Plus, there will be friendship bracelets in the Pixie Post Office, which are pixie perfect for sending to your Fairy BFFL’s! And keep your Animal Friend by your side, because there’s a chance they’ll pick up a new little gift for themselves in the meadows.

Sweet Pea


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2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m really excited for this! December had hardly any badges to earn, & January too – after you got all of the winter ingredient badges.
    Now finally, it seems like there will be alot to do & look forward to in February.

    P.s – I hope that sometime you turn on your whispers! I was going to say hi to you because we are hardly ever on at the same time, but it said, “Sorry! I can’t whisper!”
    Of course I understand if you are doing something & dont want to be bothered.


    • Hi, Strawberry 🙂 I used to have my whispers on all the time, but some fairies were whispering to me a little too much and it was getting on my nerves, so I turned them off a couple months ago. Since it’s been a little while since then, I’ll turn them back on next time and see what happens 😉


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