February Fashion Preview

Diva Wings, the shopkeeper at Summit Style, gave me an early sneak peek at the February fashions, and I just couldn’t wait to show you pixies! My heart is aflutter for this snowdrop dress! Plus, according to Diva, we can look forward to new sweet and dreamy styles and the return of two fruity favorites.

And good news for Fairy fashionistas: Pixie Diamonds* are coming out later this week! That means that when these outfits come out in February, you’ll be able to buy them with Pixie Diamonds, whether you’re a Member or not. Of course, Members will still be able to buy them with their Ingredients!

*Pixie Diamonds cost real money and will be available for purchase with your parent’s permission.

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: The dress looks plantastic! The tailoring talents really do a good job. I’m really excited for the Pixie Diamonds coming this week, too! Will there be a Friendship Festival next month?
A: Glad you like the preview! Sweet Week AND the Fairy Friendship Festival will both be held in February.

Q: Marina, where did you get the sunglasses?
A: The shades I’m sporting will be for sale at Bella’s Baubles starting February 2.

Q: How will we use Pixie Diamonds? Will there be a special place in our pouches?
A: There will be a place in your Pouch just for Pixie Diamonds. You’ll be able to use them in the shops just like Ingredients.


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 What are your thoughts on new Snowdrop outfit? I don’t really care for the shoes, but the top, skirt, and headband look cute 🙂


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