Rock Concert

I said, ARE YOU PIXIES READY TO ROCK?! There’s a super exciting update coming to Fairy Tale Theater this Thursday – a Concert Stage! Pretty sweet, huh? Naturally, Cassie’s Costumes will be selling wicked wardrobe choices like the ones pictured above for your big stage debuts. Double sweetness! And, if you’ve ever dreamed of writing a song, now’s the time! Submit your original song lyrics as a poem here, and your song could get featured in the Pixie Postings.

Gale and Ember are going to be rocking the Hollow come Thursday, too! They’re amping up their shops with something new: Gale’s Outfitters will now sell wardrobe collections inspired by outfits you pixies have put together, and Ember’s Essentials will start selling storage collections inspired by your home designs. This is the last call for you to buy the items currently in their shops!

Later talent-gamers,



Q: Will the guitar be available, too?
A: That rockin’ guitar and more awesome instruments will be for sale at Cassie’s Costumes.

Q: Do you have to be a Member to do this?
A: Fairy Tale Theater is open to everybody. Plus, the outfits and instruments will be available to purchase with Ingredients (if you’re a Member) or Pixie Diamonds (all players).

Q: Are there going to be awesome new earrings for the girl fairies?
A: Those earrings that the Fairy to my left is wearing are pretty awesome, so I’d say yes! Fly to Cassie’s on Thursday to pick up a pair for yourself!

Q: Does this mean that Gale and Ember will no longer be carrying their favorites? Or does it mean that they will still carry their favorites, but instead of seasonal items, they are going to feature the designs/styles of in-game fairies?
A: Gale will still carry her favorites. We’re giving you the heads up now, so that you can be sure to buy any of the seasonal items that are in their shops now before they disappear.


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2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m not sure im happy about this. The clothes seem to be more & more like human clothes, rather than fairy. I do like the black outfit, & the other skirt is cute
    (dyed a different color)
    but this is pixie hollow.
    Since you have been here longer than me marigold, what do you think?
    I just want more clothes that are flowery & leafy


    • When I saw the outfits, I felt disappointed. I think the PH outfits should all look they they were made from nature. Now we’re getting 1980’s style rock band outfits. What next? Hippie clothes from the late 1960’s & 1970’s? These era-type clothes have NOTHING to do with Pixie Hollow. I will definitely complain to the Never Council about this.

      Also, I don’t know how fairies can play electric guitars without electricity 😛

      I love the idea of submitting songs, though. I just wish it was for a different reason than a rock concert…


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