Sweet Week Begins

Calling all sweet-toothed pixies! Now through Wednesday is Sweet Week in Pixie Hollow! Leave a Tray of Cookies from Ember’s Essentials Shop in your Fairy Home overnight, and find a Silly Sweet surprise waiting for you in your Pouch the next morning. Also, the blueprints for Kylie M.’s Cute as a Cupcake Vanity Set are at Copper’s Tinkering Nook now until April 26! All Fairies can practice tinkering the scrumptious vanity and stool, and Members who get a practice tinkering score of over 90 points can personal tinker them for their Fairy Homes.

Plus, the February shop collections just arrived today! Put together a unique outfit quickly, because Marina will be flying in this afternoon to look for the sweetest styles to feature in her February Fashion Spotlight. There’s another very special visitor flying in to the Hollow this week too – baking-talent Dulcie! Look on the Event Calendar to find out when and where to meet her.

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


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I love Kylie’s Cute as a Cupcake Vanity Set! It really is super cute and something I’ve never seen before. I don’t really like that they chose a brown cupcake wrapper for the stool, though. I would have definitely prefered a different color – like white or silver.

What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment  🙂


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