Pixie Diamonds are AWESOME!

I haven’t bought any Pixie Diamonds yet, but I received 14 free Pixie Diamonds on my account once they became available, so I knew I had to use them wisely  😉

First, I went to Schelly’s and had my hair fixed back to normal:

Then (as you can see in the picture) I went to Gale’s Outfitters to quickly buy the super cute top and skirt I’ve had my eyes on ever since they became available a few months ago. I almost bought the matching belt, but I didn’t think it was a make or break option with this outfit, so I decided to pass.

So after all that, I’m left with just 3 Pixie Diamonds…Which makes me to contact Pixie Hollow Support to get 50 diamonds for $3  😀  I really liked some items at the Pixie Post Office (where you can only pay with Pixie Diamonds), but I don’t plan on buying a Membership anytime soon, and I’ve been wanting my old hairstyle back for a year now, so I thought using my diamonds was well worth it!

What have you used your Pixie Diamonds for?


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  1. yeah i got some stuff, i started with 19, such as hair and shoes, but then i decided to save up for something, and my sister went into my account and used all mine up
    p.s.- have you noticed that non-members can go up ALL talent levels now and get more free pixie diamonds? you haven’t written anything about that, and it’s really exciting, and awesome! You should check it out- plus, when you get to talent level 3 you go to the pixie dust mill and terence and rosetta (garden-talent mentor, it changes based on your talent) both congratulate you 🙂


    • Hey, I did see that non-Members can move up to all the talent levels – which is super awesome! 😀 I’ve been compiling pictures and such for a new post that talks about it, but I just haven’t had a chance to post it yet. Sorry!

      The game malfunctioned or something when I made it to Level 3, because it told me to fly to the Pixie Dust Mill, but the note from Terence was still on the door and I couldn’t get in. When I logged out and logged back in, I was suddenly at Level 3 and working towards Level 4. Weird. I really wanted to see Terence, so that was a bummer 😦


  2. Posted by quelya on February 3, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    It is exciting to be able to gain talent levels and have a means of earning the diamonds. I’m really happy with the beautiful that I have bought so far, and I am currently saving up for some clothing items I had been wanting for a long time. c:

    I only received seven diamonds, however. How did you guys start out with so many? I am assuming that this is because of your accounts being older?


    • i had three fairies, and it’s an older account, plus i logged on right after they came out (that day) so i might have gotten more for that


    • I love that non-Members can earn pixie diamonds by moving up in talent levels. I’m trying to save mine to see what else becomes available in the future 🙂

      I have three fairies on my account, too, but I really only play on two of them, so I think that’s how I got 14 (7 diamonds for each fairy over Talent Level 2).


  3. I bought a hairstyle too, and I purchased some dye and dyed my skirt blue, and I bought a tray of cookies to get the surprise silly sweet. Did you know, you can “friend” yourself and have your fairies send gifts to one another.


    • I had no idea that you could “friend” yourself! How do you do it?


      • First, create an account. I already had an account that I sometimes went on to repeat quests and stuff. I’m on Google Chrome, so I log onto both of my fairies on Google Chrome AND Internet Explorer. I expect any other two different browsers will do. Then, I “friend” myself by going on the same room and server, and then I use my minor account to send myself something. Then, I get two items – one for both of my fairies! This way, I bought the Pumpkin Headband and Silvermist’s Top.


  4. Yes but does this work with Apple? It never would let me open two windows before.


  5. Hmmm, never tried it on an Apple but try opening on Safari and Firefox. I have a PC and I opened it on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I’ve also tried Google Chrome and Google Chrome Incognito. (By the way, I’m Noelle!)


  6. You can’t try it on the same browser, that just doesn’t work.


  7. How do I get Google Chrome? I only know and have used Safari on my computer! And I do have another account already with this idea in mind! But I could never figure out how I would do it on my computer! Could you tell me if you know anything?


  8. Yup.
    And see the big blue button, well there you go. It’s fairly easy to install.
    After that, go to the wrench on the left side, close to the x button and select New Incognito Menu. A shortcut is control+shift+n. Then, open pixie hollow on both windows (it lets you) and voila!


  9. I did it thanks a ton! Now my fairy has that nice outfit I loved but never got! This diamond thing is nice but I wish I could use my ingredients in the Post Office! ANd my parents said I can’t use their credit card but I so want some outfits! My friends don’t buy much. Any ideas because I like the stuff so much!


  10. Posted by pinkygirl on December 22, 2012 at 2:00 am

    marigold you’re awesome….
    do you know a secret code for diamonds?I’m badly in need of them.


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