February 2012 Fashions

With the release of Pixie Diamonds and the starting of a new month, February 2012 Fashions are FABULOUS! I haven’t seen collections this good in a long time  😀  Here are my top picks:

Bella’s Baubles (located in Treetop Bend)

The Strawberry Red and Vidia Black Licorice Twist Bracelets are so stylish! They look like textured bangle bracelets, and I love that they come in sets of four! My favorite is the Vidia Black, but a fairy in the right outfit could rock the Strawberry Red  😉

Pixie Post Office
(located in Neverfruit Grove)

The neckline of Tink’s Travel Top and the cut of the top make it a real winner in my book! I love the top in Tinker Bell Green, but it would look great in royal blue or a dark purple, too.

The entire Tillandsia collection is beautiful, but I particularly like the Powder Blue Top, Skirt, and Flats. My only small complaint is the placement of the ruffles on the top. I don’t like the ruffles on the sleeves. Now, if the top had no shoulders, it would be a different story  😉

I LOVE this top! If it didn’t cost 12 diamonds, I would have it already! The skirt that matches it in the collection is hideous (it looks like you’re wearing a blueberry!). I’m not totally thrilled with the leaves coming out of the bottom of the top, but the bodice, collar, and sleeves are absolutely gorgeous! I need to see fairies with this top dyed to see what possibilities are out there. I think it would look great in about any color 🙂

Summit Style
(located in Acorn Summit)

I’m a sucker for puffy, princess-like sleeves, so this Sweet Puff Top is undeniably cute. If it didn’t have the huge buttons, it would definitely be on my must-have list!

Just call me Briar Rose  😉  This outfit is definitely a nod to Princess Aurora from the movie Sleeping Beauty. Although it’s really pretty, I don’t like how the headband fits my hairstyle, and the skirt doesn’t seem long enough. The colors seem a bit off, too. Anyway, aside from my critique, I love that Pixie Hollow is finally bringing outfits like this back.

The Pine Green and Strawberry Red Strawberry Tops and Skirts are fun and super chic! Who knew a strawberry design could look so stylish? The strapless top with the flower accent is beautiful, and the mermaid-style skirt is designed incredibly! I really like that the “strawberry seeds” don’t continue into the bottom of the skirt.

Gale’s Outfitters
(located in Snowcap Glade)

I have loved the Beaded Strand Skirt ever since it appeared when the Talent Levels were introduced. I think only Members could tailor it at Mendy’s or Bobbins. Anyway, I will purchase this skirt with my Pixie Diamonds once I have more. It’s too beautiful not to have! The Sleeveless Aster Top is also really cute, too. I’ve never seen it before, so I’m wondering if it’s also a tailored item…

What are your favorite collections or particular fashions available right now? I’d love to know 😀


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