Fairy Tale Theater Concerts

Wow! You pixies are totally rocking the Fairy Tale Theater Concert Stage! Bands and solo acts have been taking the stage with the cool costumes and instruments from Cassie’s. Check out this snapshot of one Fairy band’s flaptastic performance! Have you made a band with your Fairy friends yet?

Plus, have you seen Dulcie lately? She seems super frazzled about the Silly Sweets that she’s making especially for the Fairy Friendship Festival, which starts this Thursday. Maybe it will help if we give her some suggestions! What are your ideas for new friendship-themed Silly Sweets?

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


Q: Wouldn’t it be cool if Dulcie made BFF Silly Sweets? The word BFF could appear above a fairy’s head. But my other idea is that if two fairies use the BFF Silly Sweet, a heart will appear around both of them when they are close together! That would be awesome! This silly sweet shows we should stick together and be friends!
A: Flitterific ideas! Sticking together and being friends is what the Fairy Friendship Festival is all about.

Q: I was thinking, what if we had an after party like they do for real after a concert, and we can get all kinds of SILLY SWEETS?!?
A: Wow, that sounds so fun!

Q: I know it says if you leave a tray of cookies you get a present, but I can’t find the tray of cookies…Do you know where it is?
A: The Tray of Cookies is for sale at Ember’s Essentials Shop in Chilly Falls. It’s part of the Featured Theme #3 Collection.

Q: Why was there a gift in Neverberry Thicket with a sunflower cookie in it?
A: The gift box you found must have been leftover from one of baking-talent Dulcie’s Sweet Week visits. Check out the Event Calendar to find out when you can catch her next: http://disney.go.com/fairies/pixie-central/calendar.html.

Q: I think it would be nice to have friendship bracelets.
A: Friendship jewelry is for sale right now at the Pixie Post Office and Bella’s Baubles Shop! At the Pixie Post Office, you can send friendship necklaces and bracelets to your Fairy friends.


To read the original post and see all the comments, click here.


Have you sang or played on the concert stage? Have you submitted a song to Pixie Postings? Let me know!  😀 



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