What’s the Name of the Game?

Hey, Pixie Pals! As keeping with my promise (and after some reminders from Marigold), I’m back for the February installment of “What Heron Heard”!

So, with the new Pixie Diamonds out now, I got 7 diamonds free to do whatever I wanted with. Sweet! I FINALLY was able to dye my shirt a nice shade of black, so I’m happy with my new look  😀  The ladies aren’t complaining, either  😉  If anything, I’m getting MORE attention with my black shirt than I was before. I can’t help it that I look like a bad boy…Well, I’m sure the black shirt isn’t helping now. Anyway, I’m going to hold onto my last 5 diamonds and see what else comes out this year…Or maybe send some gifts to my lady friends  😉

Speaking of ladies, in an effort to up my Talent Level (now that us non-members can finally get above Level 2), I decided to finally complete all the non-member quests from the mentor fairies. I was spending a lot of time at Bobbin’s since I’m not the best at tailoring, but she always encouraged me and said the nicest things.

She was really just being sarcastic. I couldn’t be a Tailor-Talent if my life depended on it! I usually get more paint on myself than the on the garments, my cutting skills suck, placing the pattern takes me forever, and stitching is impossible with that hyper spider! Bobbin has been very sweet and patient with me, though, and I can’t say that I didn’t like the attention  😉  She is quite honestly one of the most beautiful fairies in all of Pixie Hollow…

I have been trying to get Bobbin to go with me to the theater to watch some of the concerts, but she’s always busy…Bummer  😦

Beck’s Animal Nursery has been super busy lately since non-members can now buy pets, so I’ve been helping out there lately.

Aren’t they little angels when they’re sleeping?  😉  It just so happens that the nursery is located in the same tree as Bobbin’s Tailoring Nook, so I’ve been dropping by so say hi to Bobbin when I can. I know, it’s getting pathetic  😛

I was hanging out in Havendish Square this afternoon, when a newbie named Jacob was getting a little too close for some of the fairies liking, and telling some that they have “nice buts”  :O  Not a good way to make friends, Dude! After he finally left, a few fairies said they reported him, so he’s gonna be in big trouble the next time he tries to come and “play” in the hollow. I would have taken a picture of the ordeal, but my camera wasn’t working at the time  😦  Sorry, pals.

I heard that Vidia will be dropping in to the Ballroom when Tinker Bell and Terence visit this weekend…

Man, is she scary! I’m not sure what she’s up to, but I heard it from a reliable source that she will definitely be there at some point.

That’s all I’ve got for right now. If I hear anything else, I’ll either make a new post or let Marigold know! Fly with you later, pixies  🙂


11 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for finally posting! I hope you post again really soon!


  2. Great! Thanks a ton Heron! REALLY cool post! Happy Fairy Friendship Festival by the way!


  3. Hey Heron! Just wondering when will you post again?! I was hoping it could be soon. Would you be able to post weekly maybe at least for a small amount of time?


    • Hey, Daylily! Heron told me to tell you that he’s really tied up right now helping with all the animals, but he will try to post something either this weekend or next week 🙂

      Is there something in particular you wanted Heron to talk about? He’s always up for a challenge 😉


  4. Heron is an interesting fairy reporter, and a great writer too! I do wish he would stop mentioning girls in all his posts…:P
    Tell him I said hi!


  5. Hey is Heron going to post this weekend?


  6. Okay great! Hope it can be soon! 🙂


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