Fairy Friends Forever

Seasons may come and go, but Fairy friends are truly forever! The Fairy Friendship Festival kicks off today, and Dulcie’s cooked up the pixie perfect Silly Sweet recipes for the occasion. Fly to her kitchen to try out three new Candy Hearts Silly Sweets and a Heart Trail Silly Sweet! Members, you have until March 6 to unlock these limited-time recipes for personal baking.

How about showing your pixie pals that you care with a friendship gift? The Pixie Post Office has just added a festive Gift Set collection of friendship jewelry. Buying a friendship bracelet at the Post Office will give you one and send one to your friend! Plus, Tinker Bell needs your help with the friendship gift that she’s tinkering for her best friend Terence. Lend a wing on her quest for Members and earn a special badge!

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


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6 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Marigold any way we could meet up sometime today? Please tell me if the answer is yes!


  2. Hey Marigold! Maybe early tomorrow morning? Eight or Nine PST would work I think. Then I’m making some valentines and setting up for my party! I will probably eat most of the candy! 😉


  3. me too!
    Sunrise Starbeam!
    what server?


  4. Dear marigold my name is pearl and i would really love to join ur club plz tell me how i can do that?


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