Tink, Terence & Vidia Visit

Since I’m not a Member, I couldn’t go to The Ballroom this past weekend to visit with Tinker Bell, Vidia, and…*sniff*…Terence  😦

I am so upset, because this is another time I’ve missed seeing Terence! You see, when the Pixie Diamonds were introduced late last month, non-Members suddenly were allowed to move up in Talent Levels (which was really awesome). I had built up my talent points enough to instantly become Talent Level 3, so I was super excited when I got the “Congratulations!” message saying I was now at Level 3 and to fly to Pixie Dust Mill to see Terence and Rosetta. The problem was that I couldn’t enter the mill and the game kept freezing, so I logged out and logged back in hoping that would fix the problem. Well, the “problem” was fixed, because it suddenly was showing that I was Talent Level 3…which meant I couldn’t go to the Pixie Dust Mill anymore…  😦  I got all the prizes that came with becoming that level, but I would trade them all in just to see Terence again…

Anyway, I have a couple good screen shots from the visit (posted by forum fairies Onionleaf and Sweet Cupcake):

(According to Sweet Cupcake, Vidia created a whirl wind around Terence and Tinker Bell – thus making them feel sick.)

Also, my fellow blogging fairy friend Strawberry has some great photos from the visit, so be sure to check out her post here.

On a side note, does anyone know if I’ll have a chance to meet Terence again in a higher Talent Level?


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  1. Posted by Patchwork on February 13, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    every time you get a new talent skill, you get to go to the pixie dust mill! check your leaf journal to see when you next get to meet Terrence! 😀


  2. no, only when you get a new talent SKILL, usually every other talent level


  3. I’m on talent level 5 now!


  4. wow, my picture finally uploaded! that’s me, not my brother 🙂


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