February Fashion Spotlight

Wow! You pixies are experts at mixing and matching and dyeing the new shop collections each month! Check out the super sweet outfits and rockin’ instruments of Aria Aspendust, Ivy, Rose, Koto, Violet Windypetal, Lilac Moonbelle, Jacob Foxheart, and Dewdrop Daylily. And keep an eye out for even more Fairy style stars as you fly around the Hollow!

Our Animal Friends are becoming quite the little fashionistas too. How cute are the Heart Glasses that they’ve been finding during the Fairy Friendship Festival?! If yours hasn’t found a pair yet, it’s not too late – make sure your Animal Friend is happy, healthy, and well-fed and keep them with you as you fly through the meadows for the best chance of them bringing a gift (up to two per day).

What’s your favorite February fashion?

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: We need butterfly outfits! I love butterflies.
A: Oh, I just love butterflies, too! I have a feeling that Spring will bring flaptastic butterfly styles to the Hollow shops. Wings crossed!

Q: How do I get in the fairy spotlight?
A: When the new shop collections come out each month, put together a unique outfit and then look for me, Marina. I usually announce when I’ll be flying in to choose Fairies for the Fashion Spotlight here on the Never News. Fly with you later!


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I want to know, what are your thoughts on the outfits that got picked for the Fashion Spotlight?

I wasn’t really wowed by anyone’s outfit other than Dewdrop Daylily (the fairy on the far right). I didn’t really care for her shoes and leggings, but I loved her skirt, sash, top, and hair accessory. The aqua blue color she used to dye the items was also great  🙂 

I’m excited to see the “butterfly styles” Marina mentioned in the Q&A area. I love butterflies, so I’m definitely counting the days until March fashions arrive  😀


6 responses to this post.

  1. : / i’m one of the fairies on there and another one of them is my friend. just wondering, tho… aren’t we supposed to get a badge for being in the fashion spotlight? i never got one…


    • Hey there! I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything when I said I wasn’t really “wowed” by the pixies that made the Fashion Spotlight, I just didn’t personally feel excited by the fashions this time around – but that’s just my opinion. Please don’t think I was trying to put down you or your friend, because that wasn’t my intent. I’m sure you and your friend worked very hard on your outfits, which is why Marina picked both of you 🙂

      I also thought the fairies that were picked for the spotlight received badges, but I could be mistaken. Contact the Never Council here to find out: http://disney.go.com/fairies/pixie-hollow/help/contact/feedback.html.


      • thank you so much! i really like ur blog, btw. it’s fun to read about all ur adventures! i’ve never written to the Never Council before, does it take a long time for them to reply?


        • Hey! I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying my blog 🙂 I sometimes feel like I spend more time on here than I do in Pixie Hollow…but it’s all worth it if awesome people like you are reading and enjoy what I post 😉

          The Never Council usually responds within 24 hours, but on a Friday you may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get a reply.

          Btw, would you mind sharing any tips about what you and your friend did to get noticed by Marina for the Fashion Spotlight? Several fairies are dying to know your secrets!


          • sure! what i tried to do was to actually stay kind of father away from her than all the other fairies, but i moved around every so often. not like going crazy, being obnoxious moving around, but just always trying to be somewhere that might catch her eye. the best places are, of course, where there aren’t any other fairies standing on top of you. she can’t see everyone when they’re in a ring around her like that. also, it seems like everyone likes to crowd around under her like a U shape, and there aren’t as many over her, like in a rainbow shape, so I tried standing someplace over her head that didn’t have too many fairies. oh, i might try this some other time with one of my other fairies, but i was thinking of moving around very slowly, more like you’re casually walking instead of flying. for some reason, my eyes always notice a slow moving fairy rather than one that just flits on by or is going spastic. lol.
            i’m not actually sure what my friend did to get noticed. her computer was having problems and it kept kicking her off, but somehow she still did it!
            anyway, good luck to all the fairies out there for next month! i saw a lot of outfits i really liked. i’m already sssoooooo ready for next months new fashions!!


  2. Hey I would love to view your blog! Can you grant me access please? :]


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