Level 5 & Terence!

So, because a couple of my fantastic readers told me that I could see Terence again once I got to a talent level where I learn a skill, I made it my mission to level up to Talent Level 5 this morning.

I was already fairly close to reaching level 5 (only about 80 points away), so I decided to earn my talent points the fun way – by going to pixie parties and playing party games  😉

On a sidenote, a fairy named Stella suddenly starting being really mean to me at a party hosted by a sparrow man (Jacob), because he was talking to me instead of her – and I even told her that I liked her outfit when I first got there! I was just sitting on a couch talking to the other fairies around me when Jacob flew up and sat next to me, so I didn’t “steal him away” or whatever else she claimed. He just wanted to say hi and asked if I wanted to be his friend – probably because I was being chatty and friendly with his other guests…unlike you-know-who.  Some fairies are really super sensitive or something  :/ 

Anyway, so I made it to level 5 after playing a few party games:

I was so excited that I could barely fly in a straight line as I made my way to the Pixie Dust Mill!  😀  I was very disappointed and upset when I reached level 3 and couldn’t get into the mill, so I was trying to keep my cool in case it happened again and took a few deep breaths before I went in…and did a quick check of myself to make sure I looked presentable  😉  I knocked and felt my heart begin to race…

A moment later, I heard Rosetta’s sweet Southern voice say, “Come on in, sugar!”

I honestly was trying my hardest to listen to Rosetta, but with Terence right behind her (and smiling at me), it was very difficult to focus.

Rosetta waited with a huge smile for my reaction, and it took me a moment to realize what she had said, so she and Terence started looking a bit puzzled. I then tried to make up for it by saying, “Sorry! I’m so overwhelmed with emotion, I don’t know what to say besides thank you!”

Smiles instantly returned to Rosetta and Terence’s faces  🙂  Rosetta then flew to the side as Terence approached me with a glowing cup full of pixie dust:

My glazed-over smile suddenly faded when I heard Terence say the word “Members”. Did he just say that because Rosetta was there and he had to throw in a Membership plug? Terence had to have known I wasn’t a Member, otherwise he would have said it differently. Figures…

Rosetta probably saw things getting awkward between us, because she flew up to me waving her arms all crazily and yelling excitedly:

A new quest for a non-Member?!? This sounded too good to be true, but I was happy to hear the news nonetheless  🙂  I’ll try to later and let you know if it actually worked.

Rosetta then said she had to go tend to her flower petals, and Terence was quick to chime in:

Well…at least he remembered my name…or Rosetta told him right before I got there. I’m guessing Terence sees hundreds of pixies a day now that everyone can level up, so the Mentor Fairies probably have to tell him the pixies’ names all the time  :/ 

So, I left the mill with mixed feelings. I was really happy to see Terence…but things got awkward and he wanted to get out of there in a hurry, so I don’t know what to think…

I knew Springtime Orchard had a HEAL sign near Bobbin’s Tailoring Nook, so I flew there to try it out:

I circled the Daisy Bunch in case you missed it  🙂  A fairy that just happened to be nearby shared the bunch with me, then I flew home afterwards to tell you all about what happened.

I don’t know if I want to level up to a skill level again anytime soon…  😦


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  1. How flitterific! I haven’t gotten to level 5 yet…still on level 4. Maybe I’ll try leveling up by playing party games. Right now I’m just baking…

    I wonder why we can’t visit the Pixie Dust Mill everyday to get our dust. Seems kind of pointless just to go there every five levels or whatever.



    • If you’re a Member, you can level-up faster by completing the quests offered by the Mentor fairies 🙂 Otherwise, baking is one of the activities you can do to earn a decent amount of points. It would be better if non-Members could play on more than just the “easy” levels of games. Back in 2010, we could play on the “medium” level, but I can’t remember if the “hard” level was available or not…

      I don’t know why the Pixie Dust Mill is off limits until you reach a talent skill. It just seems silly to me that Terence is out 24/7 making deliveries except when you get to a talent skill level.


      • Don’t even get me STARTED on those games. I used to be able to get like 100,000 points in Tinker Toss, and I was so good at Firefly Light-Up. And oh gosh, I could play Petal-Pickup so well…and then I quit and came back and now I don’t play anymore because every time I can score perfectly on the easy level and not level up. Ugh.


      • I got to level 5, but I can’t find any Splash Signs and the quest isn’t available to Non-Members…dangit!


  2. Posted by Patchwork on February 17, 2012 at 4:09 am

    i’m nearly lvl 13, and i’m sure there’s a skip button on in the mill. or, when Rosetta comes along, just click the X at the top. 😛 i love how you made the hole ting into a story like that by the way! XD


  3. Hello, Marigold love your awesome blog and of course you.
    there is a idea of mine , which i wrote to never council…
    To The Never Council,
    > Pixie diamonds are great surprise for us non-members and members also. We think there will quite more for nonmembers. I have a idea , If members and non members fairies will do a job in one or two shops and payed with those shop’s things every month.Therefor all nonmembers will attracted in Pixie Hollow , for members you will have more exiting thing, like, job in more than one or two shops.

    I got the respons…

    Fly with you!

    Thanks for contacting the Hollow. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying Pixie Diamonds, they are really neat! Have you had a chance to send or receive a gift from the Pixie Post Office? What have you been spending your Diamonds on?

    I agree that it would be really cool if you could work at one of the shops! What kinds of things would you do at a shop, since all of the shops already have their own Shop Keeper. Let us know! I will certainly pass along your idea to the Never Council, but please know that I cannot guarantee that your idea will be used.

    On another note, have you flown into the Hollow recently? It looks like the Fairy Friendship Festival is under way! What are you going to do during the party to celebrate your Fairy friends?

    If you have any other questions or flitterific ideas, be sure to fly them our way so we can help out!

    Keep it dusty,

    Pixie Hollow Member Services

    IF you like my idea , please write to the never council about it. :).
    and, Congratulation (because , you reached level 5 and met Terrence ) 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s awesome people like you that inspire me to keep blogging 🙂

      That is a great idea! 😀 Jobs at the shops would definitely give non-Members something to look forward to and possibly be another way to earn items! I’ll write a letter to the Never Council this weekend and see what they say. Thanks again for sharing!


  4. Hey! I know this has like nothing to do with this at all but, I wanted to share some news with everyone! I just recently got a chinese dwarf hamster! His name is Cinnamon and I love him so much! He is getting a new habit sometime from February 23-27! It makes me think of how great it would be if we could have a pet mouse or fish on Pixie Hollow! Well sorry to be so off topic just so excited!


    • That’s so awesome, Daylily! Cinnamon is such a cute name, too 😉

      You should suggest to the Never Council that they should expand the variety of pets offered and see what they say 🙂

      I think Heron’s been suggesting other pet ideas, but I can’t remember now…I’ll check with him later and see he can include that in his next post.


  5. Another way to get a ton of talent points thingy is to play Animal Derby if you’re in first place with 4 people you can get 40 talent points and also if you get a ribbon in a party game you can get up to 60-90 talent points


  6. I wrote again to never council,

    I wrote to you, If members and non members fairies will do a job in one or two shops and payed with those shop’s things every month. You replied, What kinds of things would you do at a shop, since all of the shops already have their own Shop Keeper. Let us know!
    > Yes, every shops have their own shopkeepers, but ,um.., you know all pixies need helpers.. :).
    > In clothes’ shop, the shopkeeper will give a picture of the cloth and our work will be knit it in the nook, correctly dye it from shops and match correct accessories.
    > In dyes’ shop we will search for the correct petal or other thing for making dyes.
    > In furniture shop the shopkeeper will give a picture of the furniture, we will search for lost things etc. and dye it and make it in the nook.
    > In bakery we will search for ingredients and flavors.
    > I think the shopkeeper is the best for the hair saloon. 🙂 :).
    > at last, there is a number of furniture/ cloth/ dye we have to make , if we done then we will get a gift from the shop. members will choose the gift.
    > If you like this idea and want to do it, then please allow it to nonmembers.
    > respectfully,
    > Magtalane.

    they replied,
    Hey pixie pal,

    Thanks for getting back to us with more information about jobs that pixies could have. It sounds like you’re quite the creative Fairy! I love each and every one of your suggestions. Reading through them, I think that I’d most want to help out in Dulcie’s Kitchen (the bakery). I would LOVE going through ingredients, flavors, and even icing looking for the right things for each treat! It would be so yummy. Which shop would you want to help out with most?

    I’d be happy to pass these ideas along, and, while I cannot promise that they’ll be used, I can assure you that the Never Council will hear about each one. You never know what might happen next in Pixie Hollow!

    For now, have fun and be sure to let us know if you have any more suggestions. We love hearing from our Fairy friends!

    Stay dusty,

    Pixie Hollow Member Services

    🙂 🙂


  7. Posted by stormyseas on August 11, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    hey, i started pixie hollow recently and i’m trying to get to level five but it’s taking forever. do you have any suggestions for earning talent points quickly? thanks


  8. Posted by Andrew on December 16, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    that is weird when i went to level 5 i didnt go there


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